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Die Fehler in der sozialen App von Google werden erklärt

Gefördert von Skillshare. Die ersten 500 Personen, die sich anmelden, haben 2 Monate lang uneingeschränkten Zugang:


Google hat keine Social-Media-Apps mehr und es fällt ihnen schwer, eine beliebte Chat-App zu etablieren. Warum scheinen sie mit Social Apps nicht erfolgreich zu sein? – Die Geschichte dahinter – Folge 49



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  1. I have heard the feedback that you want me to change the music. We are currently working on new stuff, but it's taking longer than expected. Please be patient until then 🙂

    Also while we're talking about Social Media, follow me on:
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/techaltar
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  2. When you've mentioned Google focussing on business oriented apps, my mind jumped straight to project management. So far, G-Suite and Google Drive overall lacks a seamless project management experience from my use with these services. Other than making spreadsheets and group email listings, there's not much you can do that offers an experience like other project management services like Monday.com or Trello.

    I'm making do with Google Drive, Notion, OpenProject and Wave as my apps of choice for project management and self-accounting but it would be nice if Google had better proprietary apps that intergrate with Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, etc.

  3. I'd like to point that Orkut was the social network everyone used here in Brazil, until like 2011.

  4. Orkut was really popular in Brazil

  5. What? Turin on YT main page? Seems like he's everywhere!

  6. I don't think you mentioned anywhere that Microsoft acquired Yammer in 2012 for $1.2B.

  7. I just hope Google will allow me to migrate to another app from hangouts and backup my chats and conversations and pictures… Cause I have too many memories there 😔 😔 😔….

  8. RCS is going to be extremely important in the US. I have tried and tried but can't get my contacts to switch away from their phone's default messaging app (SMS), and that is the standard for the US which has been bolstered by two things – US carriers offering free messaging as well as the prominence of Apple devices. Apple did the right thing here by silently upgrading inter-Apple SMS chats to iMessage. Until RCS, which does the same, Google had nothing like that for Android built into the default messaging app. I'm already using it with a couple contacts and it's so much better than SMS.

  9. SMS is popular in the U.S. because it works with 100% of phones. Each of those mentioned apps only work on <100% of phones.

  10. Wow, that's a lot of social media apps. And here I am just using YouTube.

  11. I miss the older jingle which played at the episode introductions! Bring it back please, Martin! 🙁 🙁

  12. I can't believe know one ever talks about Google's failure to make a popular smartphone. Despite all the vocal minority fanboys. Pixels aren't popular. Never in the top 10 best sellers. And I don't ever remember seeing anyone with a Nexus either

  13. I think we should just go back to SMS and calls cuz even if you have low signal or download sth, it does not affect the quality of regular calls and most of the carriers do not even charge anything for SMS and calls just the internet, so you can even save on your bill by not using additional data.

  14. While SMS may be declining, it strongest feature still holds true; universality. I was in a situation about a week ago when I need to sent a photo to my supervisor, so I sent it using MMS, the default standard for sending photos, along with a text message as to why I was sending it. Problem is, one of those didn't send so he either got a photo with no context or a random message with the photo explanation. I hope that RCS will become just as universal as the 2G based SMS but with similar functions as internet based chat

  15. What are you on about lmao. No one I know uses sms except for when I need to txt my parents on something. And when meeting someone new more and more people are asking for IG/Snapchat way more than for a number

  16. Google has too many SJWs working there wondering which of the 200 genders they are

  17. they failed for multiple reasons. first off they forced it onto users of youtube. you were forced to allow yourself to be added to peoples circles you didnt know or even want to know. they auto linked it to other apps. like photos that automatically add your photos to G+. forced sharing, googles problem was lack of user control. as in google wanted total control, they gave you lame options on this. like muting someone. yet you were still in their circles. no body wants to be forced to be social, being social is a choice. being linked to someone else on social media is also a choice. google eliminated that. and is anti privacy, this is why it failed and will continue to do so.

  18. i enjoyed G-plus for about 4 or 5 years i had some great times there and made alot of friends, i never touched circles but they seemed useful if you took the time to figure it out and i loved the collection system due to what some of my friends posted, but now that its all gone ive been split between twitter and mewe but neither really fill the void, mewe is a incomplete social media site but is actively trying to become a nice G+ alternative for us while twitter is more like moving from a small farm town to newyork no one knows your there and if they do they dont care at all

  19. What phone did you used in the video?

  20. I'm confused with Google+ it's a disaster in my opinion. 🤦‍♂️

  21. since Goolge+ is dead, i can't find a new SocialMedia Network like Google+ was ! It was perfect! Can't understand all those negative vibes here! Facebook is NOT AN OPTION in 2019 !! Instagram is also crap from the Facebook universe, so "NO!"…. I tried, Diaspora*, i supported OpenBook on Kickstarter (It's nothing!!) , i supported also Factr on Kickstarter (Beta in July). I used MeWe, Vero, Steemit and some more. But nothing can bring Google+ back! It was the only usable SocialMedia Network i ever had ! I'm sad about the fact, that Google+ is dead 🙁

  22. Even youtube tv and music are limited in many areas of the world.

  23. Unrelated but I’m still hurting from Reader suddenly being killed off.

  24. As always, insightful and well thought out. Keep up the great work.

  25. 0:24 hehe linus tech tips spotted (ltt)

  26. detail farming. run a mile

  27. A story behind series on DJI would be awesome to watch.

  28. 3:25 when microsoft has done it then u r too slow… haha

  29. Time has arrived, for next Alternative Google Ecosystem! Get ready trump … now keep blowing your hairs

  30. An ex-google employee spilled the beans about the poor office culture within google where there was alot of infighting, racism and sexual harassment. Thats probably reflected in Google's surprising failure in social apps where more cooperation between rival teams may be needed for such projects.

  31. I disagree, youtube is not their only social app. Photos is social but hidden. You can comment, share and like. What more do you need.

  32. They do have a social app. It is called Gmail…haha

  33. I hate when Google discontinued Picasa photo viewer. It is still a great photo viewer app

  34. Hey, please stop SPONSORING Skilkshare on future The Story Behind series. And most people that watch this video very beginning and almost to the outro didn't like it because these company is scamming people. This video explains everything why: https://youtu.be/awEbnXGJPy8

    Right now I'll unsubscribing you. Sorry about this.

  35. Google works making A.I. for Pentagon killer drones.

  36. Google is shutting down Hauwei. They have become an arm of misguided US foreign policy and its fraudulent accusations. So much for "do no evil."

  37. AND SIGNAL!, remember them!, they are a very good and encrypted chat App.

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