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Die Hörner wachsen auf den Schädeln junger Menschen. Laut Untersuchungen ist die Verwendung von Mobiltelefonen schuld

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Die mobile Technologie hat unser Leben verändert – wie wir lesen, arbeiten, kommunizieren, einkaufen und datieren. Das wissen wir aber schon.

Was wir noch nicht verstanden haben, ist die Art und Weise, wie die winzigen Maschinen vor uns unsere Skelette neu formen und möglicherweise nicht nur das Verhalten, das wir zeigen, sondern auch die Körper, in denen wir leben, verändern.

Neue Forschungen in der Biomechanik legen nahe, dass junge Menschen am Hinterkopf hornähnliche Stacheln entwickeln – Knochensporen, die durch die Vorwärtsneigung des Kopfes verursacht werden und das Gewicht von der Wirbelsäule auf die Muskeln am Hinterkopf verlagern und das Knochenwachstum im Hinterkopf verursachen die verbindenden Sehnen und Bänder. Die Gewichtsübertragung, die den Aufbau verursacht, kann mit der Art und Weise verglichen werden, wie die Haut als Reaktion auf Druck oder Abrieb zu einem Kallus verdickt wird.

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  1. To much tech. I wish all cell phones would just go away!!!

  2. So if I keep my cell in my back pocket most of the time am I going to sprout a tail???

  3. This is a side effect from the massive vaccinations that are changing our DNA. We don't even know what they are putting in them.

    there is only one study on this and this bone (called an inion) is something that grows with age and old people usually have them but the problem is younger people now have them so the rate of growth is accelerating and there is nothing to show that this will be passed onto our children because it is completely environmental and not a genetic mutation and will most likely not rip through our skin or anything. The link with phones and screen use is an educated guess not a fact because that is the main thing that has changed recently and this is to do with constant bad posture and not radiation. But do be aware that correlation doesn't necessary mean causation.

  5. Listen to the language used. Saying hi in the future, checking each other's heads to see if we have them. 'Rubbing hornes, like animals?' If that ain't the closet thing you could call a Mark of the Beast, I don't know what is. I actually have one and can feel it myself by the way.

    Physical Mutation, metamorphosis. You still think they need to physically do this to us? RF signals, wifi, cell phones, TV, is physically interacting with our bodies be it conscious or subconsciously. Don't need physical impacts or mechanical bodies. Ai is here now, the internet, and they don't spray metallic particulates into the air that we breathe in ever say for nothing.

    Nanites peoples. This stuff isn't far away it's already here. Welcome to the Matrix. Welcome to the Machine. What did you dream? It's okay we told you what to dream.

  6. We are constantly degrading, deteriorating, dilapidating, degenerating.. God/Jesus told us this because since sin (Death) entered the world, then began ageing, wear and tear etc.. it's called Universal Entropy.. even factual observational science knows this.. but of course.. they want you to believe in the utterly diabolic lie of 'evolution' that you are supposedly getting 'better'.. 'stronger'' .. etc. According to a population geneticist, an shining intelligent one by the name of Dr. Jon Sanford who was a former 'atheist', you should buy his book 'Mystery of the Genome" and see the very stunning reality he foresee's for our future of how we won't be around that much longer because of how we are a dying people in a dying world.

  7. Solution? Gene editing with “Crispr”.

  8. They don't call them cell phones for nothing!!! Lord have mercy!!! Warfare time y'all!!! Wake up !

  9. So this has nothing to do with human evolution at all..

  10. so if I put my cell phone by my knee or hip, I will grow another new one ?…

  11. All our transgressions our children and their's will pay for ten fold.

  12. Who felt their neck to see if they had a horn lol

  13. i thought we all knew this was a mass experiment to try and change(mutate) the human race , owell what do we do

  14. It’s the devil in us…
    It prevails in the devils world…it’s nearly upon us

  15. FCC: radiation levels are within safety standards.

    Kids: I’m the devil now?!!!!

  16. Epigenetics?
    Lamarckian theory realized?

  17. The crap they are dropping on us and everything is changing our dna. I've never had a cell phone but my daughter does.  5g is coming…..I tell her all of the time to get rid of it. Thank you Qronos16.

  18. Watch all the baby boomer fucks blame anything

  19. The researchers said that the simple act of bending one's head down, like when you look at your cell phone, causes these bone growths. If that was true, then people who read a lot of books would have the same problem. They don't.

  20. I was horny when I was a teenager

  21. So what will Happen when 5G is let Loose


  23. medical reports say spurs..media says horns ..whatever

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