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►Intro: Jaeger Bis zum Morgengrauen
►Intro By:
►Outro: Keys N Krates x KRANE – genau hier
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►Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

►Drachenkugel Xenoverse!

►Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

►Dragonballz: Budokai 3 Fights!

►Sasuke Shippuden Staffel 1!

►Bardocks Abenteuer Staffel 1!

►Bardock's Adventure Staffel 2!

►Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2 Durchspielen!

►Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Videos!

►Unendliche Weltkämpfe!

►Top 5/10 Naruto!

►Youtuber Gruppenturniere!

►Zufällige Wiedergabelisten!

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  1. Chill my name is curtis yo

  2. Where the fuk did they put Android 15's brandy flask??? No wonder he's mad!!

  3. #17 is definitely a "Ricky".

  4. What's wrong with Majin Vegeta? Pretty powerful imo

  5. I got Android 14 on a daily. 🙋
    Sadly i uninstalled it last night. Bye everybody.

  6. Yo Riku you should fight Rhymestyle another legends/dokkan youtuber who i feel like would give you a good run for your money

  7. U beat rugs to get dust and dirt off them stupid nigga

  8. Are they even good? I have both the new androids but really just wanted vegeta. Should I be happy?

  9. Riku : Android 15 is the most black character in dragon ball

    Uub : Am I a joke to you?

  10. Actually, Android 15's design is based off of the Zoot Suit which was popular with African Americans during the 1940's. So there's some merit when you say he could be black. Fun fact for the day 🙂

  11. Dont pay attention to anything under battle rank 40 ha

  12. Android fifteen was deff a black dude before a robot lol u can tell

  13. how do you get S equipment?

  14. The intro has officially enhanced
    I’m dead by that intro 😂

  15. Whats with your sentence in the end haha

  16. What happened to his hp
    Gone reduced to atoms

  17. Riku the person above the person you are currently using comes in after u get forced to switch

  18. I swear now a days i get happy just seeing a team that makes sense…

  19. The red unit for the android is #19

  20. Hy riku the best u r better than the rest can you just make long videos cause we love to see ur videos

  21. Hey Riku why don’t u make a team that consist of Golden frieza, (canon) Gogeta, SSB Goku, Super Vegeto, base form Vegeto, and SSB Vegeta. If you use his team then ima be really happy 😃 thanks.

  22. c15 doing chest passes with his special

  23. look at those sssssss

  24. My guy riku think he slick with the persona 5 themes

    you’ll never see it coming
    But you saw that coming why are you still reading this comment? keep scrolling

  25. Riku my boy I was on dbz amino and I made a poll to see who is better Riku or Ryme and overall people thought that Rymestyle was better so can you and Rymestyle 1v1 in Dragon Ball Legends to prove that you are better.
    Like if you agree

  26. Guys i just saw a small showcase with pikkon and boujack check it out https://youtu.be/GEP6N8bazQQ

  27. “I’m gonna beat you like a runt”

  28. Riku do it a video with a team sagas from the movies with a new tranforming vegeta please

  29. Yo I actually fought that first guy before, I won and then decided to check out the channel but I couldn’t find it

  30. can you believe a single summon with dragon balls then i got him

  31. Wow 17 likes to beat rugs… Hmmmn

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