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Die Lünetten des Galaxy Note 10 sind DÜNN!

Auf Pocketnow Daily gibt es neue Bilder eines Galaxy Note 10 mit sehr schmalen Einfassungen. Google hat das Design von Pixel 4 durch einen Tweet bestätigt. AT & T hat gerade seine Vorbestellungen für Galaxy Fold storniert und verteilt Geschenkkarten. Huawei möchte, dass Verizon ihnen 1 Milliarde US-Dollar für die Patentlizenzierung von Kernnetzwerkprodukten zahlt. Apple hat gerade 7 neue Macbooks registriert. Wir beenden die heutige Messe mit Angeboten für Apple-Produkte bei B & H.

All dies und mehr nach der Pause.

– Das neueste Leck neckt die schlanken Lünetten des Galaxy Note 10

– Google bestätigt, dass Pixel 4 einen quadratischen Kamerabuckel aufweist

– AT & T storniert alle Vorbestellungen für Galaxy Fold und gibt eine Geschenkkarte im Wert von 100 US-Dollar, um sich zu entschuldigen

– Huawei will, dass Verizon 1 Milliarde US-Dollar für seine Patente zahlt

– Apple registriert 7 unveröffentlichte Mac-Notebooks in der eurasischen Datenbank

– B & H Apple Savings Event bietet die besten Preise des Jahres für Macs, iPads und Apple Watches

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  1. Saludos ya no estas haciendo los vídeos en español esq hacen días que no los eh visto siempre yo los veia??

  2. T-Shirt, please … Where from!

  3. I'll be holding onto my note 9 for another year, didn't want to see the headphone Jack go away but it's ok. I do not like the punch hole display. Hopefully it will be gone on the note 11

  4. Hauwei Patents are based off stolen technology form Nortel Networks….remember them…..$200 billion company turned to dust from


  5. The way you say your name is nice yet annoying

  6. 4:10 please don’t say “but the”
    Love your videos but that phrase is degrading

  7. Apple deal of the century : Aluminium stand for $999.

  8. Why would anyone pay the Chinese for anything related to IP when they have never had any respect for the rest of the world’s IP?
    Theft=standard Chinese business model.

  9. well if galaxy is going to make a real small camera hole that small .. just make the top bezel slightly bigger to put that camera on top 🙂

  10. They need to keep the head phone jack on the Note 10 or I would be one of those people that will not be getting one..

  11. They have said the phones bezels are thin for so many years at this points it isnt even a perk anymore. Why continue to praise it

  12. Yes we are here for the note 10 design

  13. I hope the note 10 fails

  14. Yea now just make it flat and were good to go

  15. So it has bezels? Deal breaker

  16. They really should stop bringing out phones every year

  17. Yep apple is overpriced garbage

  18. That is a dope shirt 🔥🔥🔥

  19. "We don't cover news about pixel" come on YouTubers, including poketnow, are always talking about any detail of the Pixels and praising the glorious camera (that is the only thing it haves those awfull pure Android iPhone copy's), guess what nobody gives a shit about pixel phones! In this moment even Xiaomi Is more relevant… Media pila Jaime

  20. If Samsung made the Note without the curved screen I guarantee more Apple users will switch over.

  21. Made by Google.
    buuuut copied from Apple :p
    srsly, how can you mock Apple on your press while every product of yours especially your OS are all ripoffs of Apple's?

  22. & hwawey please forget America, & make a superior phone

  23. The Back face of samsung phone is the most ugliest looking & that the problem

  24. I take a lot of photos of lcd screens. That cold be interesting. And you Samsung Galaxy note all day

  25. If no headphone jack, then F&U Samsung

  26. its still a galaxy with a crappy curved edge screen which does nothing but reflect light. have fun with your $1000 device

  27. I gotta have that t shirt.

  28. Too thin might break if put in back pocket, unless they are flexible.

  29. I'd be so annoyed if no headphone Jack

  30. They gonna make under display invisible camera on the galaxy s11 and they gonna make back the curve phone on s11

  31. This is such an ugly design – stupid iphone11! I like this design for Google how courageous! This is you Jaime.

  32. Hey #PocketnowDaily How is that @madebygoogle tweet is today's news!??Now it's really frustrating from you guys..you guys should call it #PocketnowYesterday !

  33. OMG a video not talking about Huawei! Who would've thought! Just because your up Huawei ass don't mean the rest of us are! #enoughisenough

  34. I'd rather have top and bottom bezel rather than a hole punch or a notch.

  35. I love thick blaze, i can hold tight without dropping

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