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Die Übernahme von Sprint durch T-Mobile kommt den Verbrauchern zugute, so Carr

20. Mai – FCC-Kommissar Brendan Carr diskutiert mit Caroline Hyde von Bloomberg und Scarlet Fu über die regulatorischen Hürden bei der geplanten Übernahme der Sprint Corp. durch T-Mobile Us Inc. in "Bloomberg Markets: The Close".

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  1. I will make sure to vote against Trump because of this

  2. The Head of the FTC Just Debunked the FCC's Favorite Excuse for Killing Net Neutrality:


  3. yeah, thanks for killing net neutrality pin head

  4. Huawei will be used for T Mobile’s 5G? Trump would stop the takeover. Lol

  5. It’s a race to get coverage for 5G. Why turn up new cell towers when I can just buy the competition

  6. Sprint Sucks. Can't wait to get out of my contract so I can go back to Verizon and actually have a decent chance of getting a cell signal.

  7. unless it lower's my bill every month it doesn't mean diddly to me

  8. t-mobile does not have a network in the usa their signal comes from germany and whats more important t-moble service does not i repeat does not work in doors eveyone is always outside even in a snow blizzard talking on a t-mobile phone t-mobile took over metropcs and now the phones dont work indoors they f**ked it all up

  9. If someone from this administration says something is “good for consumers” you had better run and hide.

  10. blocking comments already…pathetic…

  11. 5G=Depopulation Protocol Initiated

  12. All it means is higher prices for consumers, less choice for consumers, and less need for this conglomerate to give a shit about abusing US consumers!

    TYPICAL Trump policy…. harm the most number of Americans as possible.

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