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Die WAHRHEIT über 5G!

Kann 5G Ihr Leben 2019 verändern? Was ist 5G und wie funktioniert es? Was sind die Vorteile ? All das erklärt in diesem Video. Kasse Magenta 5G hier: * gesponsert
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Das Beeindruckendste daran ist die geringe Latenzzeit von 5G oder die Verzögerung zwischen dem Senden und Empfangen von Informationen. Derzeit liegt der Durchschnitt für 4G bei 100-200 Millisekunden. Um fair zu sein, sind 100 Millisekunden schnell; Die menschliche Reaktionszeit beträgt etwa 200-300 Millisekunden. Aber 5G wird es auf 1 Millisekunde oder weniger bringen, was fast Echtzeit ist.
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  1. Not in my house! Not on my street! 5G towers and antennas make great target practice. When you accept and promote this technology, you ARE condoning the death of millions of people at the hands of maniacs. Psychopaths! It will NOT stand. WE, will NOT stand for this! 😵👎

  2. Over exposure to Radio Frequencies causes cancer. Go to this website : 
    WeAreTheEvidence.org  or google Dafna Tachover. 4 cases of cancer are linked to cell phone use in Italy. About 2 weeks ago I was informed by our organization international legal coordinator, Martine Vriens about a 4th case in Italy in which the court ruled that exposure to radiation from cell phone caused Acoustic Neuroma brain tumor. 

    The added importance of this case is that the employee was forced to use the cell phone for his work in the airport and therefore the court ruled that a brain tumor from cell phone when used for work is an Occupational Disease. 

    PRESS HERE to read our article on We Are The Evidence's website. The report article contains the Court's decision. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first report in English on the case. 

    Clearly the most progress in the courts is happening in Italy.  When in the US?


  3. Hammer, Screw Driver, wrench…yeah somebody is a huge tool…😂😂😂. https://youtu.be/h-qzqOhDc_0

    You want to know the REAL TRUTH …the truth is BIG TECH says it’s not ionizing so it won’t cause cancer cause it doesn’t heat up..:the truth is Non ionizing emf degrades DNA….and guess what CANCER is? BINGO you got it…DEGRADED (broken) DNA = cancer….

  4. Forget 5G we need to be worried about 6G quantum communication aka the beast

  5. Ya monkey no info ON HEALTH EFFECTS ???

  6. what about the health effects? do ur reasearch mr

  7. Each 5G benefit for the customer has a super faster expiry date: you will be dead. WAKE UP FOLKS: 5G is global surveillance, a military war weapon, the AI smart grid, global slavery, the collapse of free will choice. ☠️

  8. I watched a video about these two guys who live in S. Korea, both went to get a fertility test and both were sterile. When he talked about 5 G being available in Korea I thought of those two youtubers. We already know that Google, Alexa, Iphones spy on us for profit and power, so I'm not feeling so comfortable about this 5G shit. Anything for a buck, the elite are ruthless.

  9. Lies lies Lies!!!!! 5 G will give us all cancer

  10. 5g is poison. Ask the CEO for T mobile if he wants a 5G antenna out in front of his house.

  11. 5g Causes cancer and can alter the frequencies of our bodies – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPnX1BAdOTU

  12. Not many of your little hearts here mate

  13. So magenta is Japanese right?

  14. We are so excited of being dead

  15. 5G is very bad for human health. Don't forget that!

  16. We can start selling. Money. Money. Sell, sell, sell. All about greed and money. Don't care about or mention health issues of EMR.

    I will not buy a 5g mobile phone.

  17. 5G uses enhanced security because of the large amount of data it can handle. It would be very difficult for somebody to spy on others. So they go all out to ban Huawei.

  18. Smart city prisons are coming soon.

  19. How much do you get paid for the crap you spew ??

  20. You didn't explain what 5g is and how is it different from 4g, 3g, 2g,1g, no g! You just said they put more towers. And ofcourse the speed will be greater cuz more towers. And how does that affect security which is why trump banned huawei. And how does it effect living creatures, even plants? You explained nothing. If 5g =more towers and if radio waves are bad than the closer you live to a tower the worse it gets although we forget the radio in our pocket. So yeah, more towers more harm is done. But still don't understand the Trump's wall of China!

  21. One thing you can be sure of , techmagnet are gonna be without a job so are a huge number of others,AI and robots are gonna put alot of you out on the Streets..

  22. Dude. Slap yourself. You're obviously a plant/sellout.

  23. you sheep 5G is not worth ruining your physical and mental health over

  24. If it turns out that 5G is harmful to the public, who really cares, right?

  25. Dude ur an idiot it wont improve our lives it will harm us.

  26. Nice sick series jumper, Fabio Wibmer fan. Like you already

  27. Uh……you forgot to tell them it will kill them.

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