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Die Wahrheit über Trumps HUAWEI BAN!

Trump hat Huawei gebannt, und dies hat auch zur Folge, dass Google Huawei von Android verbannt. Aber was bedeutet das für DICH?
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Der eskalierende Handelskrieg zwischen den USA und China, in dem der chinesische Technologieriese Huawei auf die schwarze Liste der USA gesetzt hat, sorgt in ganz Europa für Schock, da die Beschränkungen für US-Unternehmen die regionalen Zulieferer treffen, die besorgt sind, dass sie mit US-Beschränkungen konfrontiert werden könnten, wenn sie Huawei nicht im Stich lassen . #huawei #huaweiban #trump
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  1. Pirating gets its karma

  2. #huawei. I love my Huawei P20 pro. Got my family all Huawei phones.

  3. The Free world should get rid of anything that Chinese hand's have touched! The CCP is using the profits made from selling their junk around the world to buildup their military so they can attack the Free world in the future!

  4. Wow! You are very naive. I will NEVER own a product from Huawei.

  5. #huawei – And I do not even own a Huawei phone!

  6. Rip USA it has become unreliable to be dependent on a country like USA

  7. Google acct and ios acct has more information than a huawei phone.. how sure the non huawei user that the us goverment is not using or looking at your google ang ios acct? Just one snap.. they can access your personal details.. bullshit..

  8. Trump do this because iphone market going down Stupid america From London

  9. The truth is Trump is an idiot. According to him there's no global warming either.

  10. Samsung won't be banned right?

  11. The people on this thread are completely oblivious to the harm that's being done to them.

  12. 93% of 5G towers in America were installed and owned by Hauwei. Can't tell us we weren't being spied on and targeted.5G poses health/ death risks. That was another reason.

  13. I’m getting rid of my devices and using the stars to navigate. Does anyone even know what the stars look like anymore?

  14. Will p 30 pro still get never android update?. and will google playstore, maps and all that continue to be on p30 pro?. just bought it. so like to know:P

  15. waiting Huawei os ……..

  16. Anyone eagerly wanting to be rid of their P30 Pro, please contact me. Preferebly the 256G black one, others accepted too. I can take your phone for no charge at all! Totally free I guarantee (you need to pay for the shipping though). 😛

  17. No it’s not all about the money, they tried to be devious and broke an embargo!

    ZTE admitted to an elaborate multi-year scheme to sell US-made technology to Iran and North Korea in violation of US sanctions laws. ZTE paid $890 million in penalties and said it was in the process of disciplining dozens of senior company officials who had orchestrated a scheme to violate US sanctions laws – as if ANYTHING is done in China without government approval.

  18. US vs. a private company? Are you serious? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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