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Dieses Telefon ist für Hacker!

Dieses Video wurde von Windscribe gesponsert, einem großartigen VPN, mit dem Sie Ihre eigenen Pläne erstellen können:

In letzter Zeit haben wir viele verschiedene Telefone gesehen, aber heute haben wir ein Telefon, das anders ist. In diesem Video zeigen wir Ihnen ein Telefon für Hacker.

Überprüfen Sie das Telefon hier:

Folge uns auf:

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  3. i could use a video on how to convert them as u said

  4. Sir they dont ship at India is there an anyway to get this phone?

  5. Modifiedable hardware feature , Have total control of the hardware does not mean they are for hackers dumbass.

  6. DLC for new watchdogs😂😂

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  8. Call me racist but I'm sick of seeing Indians in the tech world. Mostly because of their accent. Like stop doing how to video with your annoying voice

  9. This is not for hackers this is for children

  10. Too much aggressive marketing of vivo.

  11. we want, more Like This…

  12. Hacker:Let's start some hacking/coding with my new phone
    Phone:Be ready to be aged while completing coding

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  14. Hi guys i can confidently recommend whizhackofoz.com for their hacking service

  15. I will give you 200000dollar for this phone

  16. I am a hacker my real name is shafran

  17. buys a hacker's phone
    modifies it
    I PHONE X is ready

  18. It's basically for developers or students who wanna go beyond their imagination ! For creative minds ! Hackers is just a fancy terms u say to make it look cool lmao

  19. Bro show more features of this phone like for say wifi hacking ip address etx . Like in kali linux 👍😀

  20. Put the word HACKER in video and boom, you are getting views.

  21. What kind of hacking can be done with this phone????
    Name a single one.
    You should look up the meaning of hackers in dictionary first.
    This is just a phone that can be opened and repaired easily. Anything related to hacking is miles away for this phone. Stop clickbaiting with misleading title.

  22. HI BeeBom i Also Suggest you Phone Samsung GT3322i I Am Using.
    Samsung GT3322i Is Best For Hacking With Bluetooth. Features are Accessing Data Like Photo,Video,All files Saved In Device including Internal Storage And SD Card

  23. Can u use it to mine Bitcoin 😄

  24. i thought there will be raspberry pi in the phone

  25. Hello guys
    I know of a hacker who helped me to hack my phone and he was good at it, message @william_hacks on instagram and he’ll help you hack any kind of phone or software

  26. Can I hack PUBG MOBILE with this phone?

  27. Think before you choose the video title and write the description. Man it doesn't even make sense. How is one supposed to do such with a phone that has a program to control rgb pannels, a remote control car, etc. It's for babies to play and children for their science projects

  28. All you need to hack is a screw driver.

  29. That Studio setup …… The unboxtherapy vibe

  30. Wo..Sab to thek hai lekin PUBG chalega ess mein

  31. Who else is fed up with the oppo ad on every tech channels?

  32. Hacking your own device won't make u an hacker

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