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Doug Ford versetzt wichtige Minister in eine wichtige Kabinettsrunde | Macht & Politik

Der Premierminister von Ontario, Doug Ford, enthüllte eine gewaltige Kabinettsmischung, in der einige Hintermänner gefördert und einige der bemerkenswertesten Persönlichkeiten der Regierung herabgestuft wurden.
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  1. Well when Ford says that the problem is communication and then I look at this comment section, I have to give him credit. Obviously this comment section is not aware of how to communicate effectively, perhaps we need better examples then Mr. Um ah peoplekind

  2. I'd like to ask some of the people here dissing Ford, if you were spending into a situation where you had so much debt it was affecting your ability to live, would you not cut spending? Would you not try to make it so that the debt stops and eventually goes down?

  3. Doug Ford is a God for Ontario.

  4. Look at Detroit. Did you notice the city was destroyed down to half the population. That's 500,000 from a million. Enough said ! When socialism does this feat it's time to toss them immediately. Let the free market economy reign.

  5. Blonde thinks she knows it all, she got it all along.

  6. Money doesn't grow on trees and Doug's got a tough job. The people of Ontario have been spoiled and now we have to tighten our belts!

  7. He should do Ontario a favor and shift himself out of office.

  8. 5 month summer vacation. Why not take half your paid for the work that is done? Why should tax dollars paid for time you are not working. Doug fraud is a loser

  9. Give onterrible the Uncle Mike Treatment!!!!

  10. "Communication Issue" = more propaganda and Spin

  11. Ford's chief of staff quits day after shuffle. How's the Ford apologist on that?

  12. I supported and voted for him but it seems that all he cares is cutting expenses money to balance the budget. The people who lost their jobs are hurting and would not be able to appreciate whatever Doug Ford does. So callous and heartless. There are other ways on how to limit and reduce the operating costs outside of of forced unemployment and undue attrition. And they can be applied in gradual manner.
    The people of Ontario want to see tangible accomplishments. Toronto is running and operating like a headless chicken. Mayor Tory has moribund ideas, whatever he put as a slogan, the opposite happens. Premier Ford and Mayor Tory lack foresight and the capability to formulate solution to primary issues in transportation, health care, education, housing, peace and order and economy. They both need to be replaced in the next election.

  13. Mr Ford,sodamite supporter

  14. Yup Government Unions organized are Guaranteed votes for Government! Private citizen worker Unions would be fine!

  15. He's mouth is moving but in his head he is just thinking about the five month vacation he just gave himself.

  16. Many in government don’t even know proper grammar!

  17. Ahem….so according to the CBC : cabinet shuffles are a sign of weakness when conservatives do them but a refreshing and strategic move when liberals do them ( see the 3 shuffled Trudeau has done in the past 6 months)

  18. There are literally hundreds of thousands of students at all levels of education compared to teachers and other educational support staff. Those are the real vested interests this government is hurting with its own backroom vested interests.

  19. The only person who should be stepping down, is Mr potato head!

  20. In Ontario, the province expects to spend $11.4 billion servicing its debt. When we combine Ontario’s debt servicing costs with the province’s
    share of federal debt servicing costs, Ontario taxpayers are responsible for a total of $21.2 billion in federal-provincial interest payments. That’s roughly equivalent to what the Ontario government collects in HST ($23.8 billion) and a lot more than what it spends on physicians ($13.1 billion in 2015).

    The governments of Canada and Ontario used to receive interest free loans from the Bank of Canada from 1934-1974, until Pierre Trudeau changed it to Canada and the Provinces borrowing money at interest from international Banksters. Since 1974 debt has increased exponentially and the quality of life has decreased exponentially.

     The COMER case has been ongoing for several years and it was one which was looking to return the Bank of Canada to its pre-1974 mandate of offering interest-free loans. In their case, COMER argued that there has been an extensive breach of the Constitution, when it comes to the current monetary system in Canada. Galati, on behalf of COMER, was arguing that there has been an abdication of executive and
    parliamentary duty when it comes to the Canadian budget, and that the actual revenues are not presented to Parliament.

  21. Hey Jinny Roth, when you say people that had it better under the status quo, do you mean the autistic children that Ford threw under the bus while his rich donors get tax breaks?

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