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Ehren Sie 20 Pro Unboxing und Hands-On

Dies ist unsere Ehre 20 Pro Unboxing und Hands-On!

Mitten in der Einschränkung des Zugriffs von Huawei auf Android- und Google-Dienste durch Google bringt Honor eine eigene Serie von Flaggschiff-Handys in London auf den Markt.


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  1. Whatever may come.. i'm still supporting huawei because i support the technology moving forward. I'm planning to buy mate 20 pro somewhere in october

  2. Google: I want to go to China but don’t want to follow their regulations
    Google: I don’t want to ban HW but need to follow US regulations

  3. wasnt s10 released lasy year?

  4. It still comes with the GMS(Google Mobile Services) pre-installed!

  5. Any body from fortnite ? 💀

  6. Im worried to buy huawei please advice me josh

  7. Can we zoom 2x or 3x when live focus is on?

  8. Trump: Really!
    China: Oh yes!
    Google: left the group 🏃

  9. No it's not true Galaxy A8s was the first phone with punch hole

  10. Cna you fucking stop cutting every single second

  11. very pretty phone… i love huwaei

  12. Huawei is a China army enterprise

  13. 1:01 We said wow at the same time.

  14. Best ugly fone ever .
    Love ios

  15. American calls China phones spy.. yet your Apple company is the biggest spy scum of all..

  16. I bet Chinese will come up with a better OS after this ban.

  17. Don't buy Huawei smartphone, no Google apps😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭

  18. Don't you wish to gift that honor 20 pro

  19. Honor should sell all new devices at half the price in this 90 irritated days

  20. Huawei seems to know a thing or two about ergonomics….
    …..That fingerprint reader placement is spot on, unlike what Samsung did with the Galaxy S10e.
    The camera setup is also great, Nova launcher would be my choice for this device.

  21. I thought the A8s was the first to use the punch hole thing?

  22. The Place Fingerprint just like S10e in Power Button

  23. Maybe this is the last phone of Huawei honor release… I love Huawei

  24. Good luck to Google. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. This might sound strange. But I really like your haircut!
    Who cuts it?
    How do you do it in the morning?
    Id love to know!
    Video idea!

  26. 4:38 where is that in London?

  27. Hey do you wanna send me the serial number or the code for fortnite for the skin mabey

  28. Just wait for new OS hope gonna better.

  29. All my photographer friends…its time to wrap up and go home!

  30. It's time for Huawei and other big brands to develop a new opensource OS to get away from Android. Yeah it's hard to build a new ecosystem but it's a must for future business.

  31. Amazing Phone. Comes with world's 1st 1.4 aperture camera

  32. Help me plz subscribed my channels I am alone I am new

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