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Einfache Login-App mit Datenbank (TEIL 6) – Passwort vergessen! (Android Studio 3.0)

In diesem Video implementieren wir mithilfe von Firebase und Android Studio 3.0 die Funktion "Passwort vergessen" für die App und alles andere mit nur wenigen Codezeilen.

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So implementieren Sie Passwort vergessen in Android App
So implementieren Sie Passwort vergessen mit Firebase
Passwort vergessen mit Android Studio 3.0
Android Studio 3.0
Android Studio 2.3.3
Einfache Login-App
Professor DK
Einfache Fahrplan App
Android-Tutorials für Anfänger

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  1. The app and code in the video are tested and perfectly working. However, I have seen that some of you are facing difficulties and getting some errors, so here is a beginners guide to debugging:

    1) Error: Null object reference Solution: This always means you have given the wrong XML ID, just correct it

    2) Error: User Credentials not sent to Firebase Solution: Check if you have added all dependencies else do the following:
    In Android Studio, go to Tools > Firebase. Click on it. A new tab will open. Click on Authentication > More Info > Email and Password Authentication Link. Another tab will open. Check if the first step shows connected to the database. If not, just click on it and you should be asked for Firebase credentials and on entering that, you will get connected 🙂

    3) Error: App is crashing Solution: Check your logcat section present at the bottom of Android Studio, it will tell you where you have made the error or what caused the error. Just go to that line then and debug.

    4) Error: App crashing in emulator: This happens because your emulator doesn't have the latest google play store services. Either update play store or just run it on normal phone

    Also, some things to note:
    1) Every new user must have unique email ID
    2) The password length must be more than 8 characters long
    3) Internet must be ON

    Hope this helped everyone 🙂

  2. It is showing the link is expired or already used

  3. Sir can u plz make videos on server wamp and database all operations

  4. Can we reset password Using Phone Number?

  5. hi sir, can i know how can we automatically save/update the new password that we reset in the database? this tutorial only shows how to reset password for authentication only but not to update the new password that has been reset to be stored in firebase. Can you please help me?

  6. Is it only works with google accounts?

  7. Please can you help me how to open may Appnana application? I forgot may password

  8. Your videos are bomb Bro. Thanks heapsssssss

  9. Sir, I have an Company API, so how should i code such that I have all the features which you showed in all the previous videos
    Basically I need a login button, Forgot password and Logout button

  10. Hello sir! I have reached at the 5th part of the tutorial and as i am running my app it directly opens the secondActivity and not the login page. So what should i do?

  11. How to implement forget password using registered phone number in firebase

  12. Hello Sir,
    I am Nawaz, i have question about firebase user storage…
    please let me know how many user i can manage in per firebase account?
    please reply me as soon as possible…

  13. Everything is fine…. But one thing i am suffering from.. When ieft all field empty and press on log in button app gets crassed… Plz plz plz help me

  14. how can we add a attendance application for teachers?

  15. bro why u are using if else for checking user has entered details or not,in case you can simply use try catch block

  16. Sir, i have successfully reset my password. The firebase webpage says I can now login using my new password but whenever I do, I get the error firebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException. The password is invalid or the user does not have a password. Please help. Thank you

  17. Sir, I could you please make a video on how to use API's? I always obtain the API key but dont know how to proceed from there. Thanks

  18. Wow! Great! Thanks for the help!

  19. It works like a charm sir.
    But instead of displaying "Error in sending password reset", I have replaced it with task.getException().getMessage()

  20. sir when i write
    private Firebaseauth firebaseauth;
    its says its undefine of a type,can u tell why its showing error?????
    Iam using eclipse software tools.

  21. dear bro! its good but if anyone know our email he can easily forget password and change password of our application so can u have any other solution tight security more… like some questions answers etc

  22. Hello Professor DK,

    Your videos & teaching methods are amazing. I completed Login App from 1 to till this video. After testing app from all possibly ways, I suddenly found one bug in your app. If you will click "Login" button without submitting either any Email ID or password, the app will crash.

    Please fix it.

    Thank You,
    Jimmy Trivedi

  23. Sir, If i store the password in firebase database, then when i change the password using resetpassword, then password will changed, but in the database it shows the previous password. i want to update password when the user change their password using forget password.please give me the solutions..

  24. what if i don't have database on Firebase ….?? and have database on some other platform..!!!

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