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Einführung in Android Things 1.0

Begrüßen Sie Android Things 1.0, Googles verwaltetes Betriebssystem für den Aufbau und die Wartung von Internet-of-Things-Geräten in großem Maßstab! Wayne Piekarski gibt einen Überblick über die Android Things-Plattform, die Neuerungen in dieser Version, die langfristige Unterstützung für Produktionsgeräte und eine neue Reihe von System-on-Module-Hardware. Mit Android Things 1.0 können Sie ganz einfach Ihre eigenen IOT-Geräte erstellen und die Hardwareentwicklung für Softwareentwickler zugänglicher machen.

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  1. oooooooops!!!!! I just want to know raspberrypi 3b+ can flash the system or not!!!!!

  2. Are there any actual consumer products running this out in the field? How much longer will the SoM's be listed as 'Coming soon'? What if I need a custom display driver developed for this closed source OS? The main thing- How do I get my volume customers to agree to 3 years of support?

  3. And download the app on your android device go to google play store and search Android things I promise it will work

  4. But can androidthings run android p?

  5. 안드로이드 1.0이 아니라 안드로이드 '팅스/띵스/씽스(?)' 1.0이어야 되는 거 아닌가….

  6. requestPermission("android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"); how solve the error

  7. this semester I have mini project so do doctor appointment app in Android studio

  8. I started android developing after this video

  9. Only I can understand a little. Speaks too quick.

  10. Boa tarde amigo
    Super escrita Super Like
    Ótimo vídeo

  11. Stannis Baratheon is a Android Programmer, nice

  12. hahahaha come on Google, its Internet of Things…. these devices will be around WAY longer than 3 years. If you said 5, then yeah I might not have laughed at you. But like others, 8-10 years is really what you should be aiming for

  13. How I shoud modify Linux kernel for include/modify/add custom drivers if Google builds all as proprietary?

  14. I've been waiting since last year

  15. 3 years in Update support is not much… don't want to change the hardware every 3 Years….. Microsoft offers 10 Years of updates in there solution

  16. 3 years is horrible. Basic IOT devices at home will be used for 5+ years. It would be a clear statement pro security to provide security updates for 8 years or so.

  17. Great, but three years isn’t nearly long enough for IoT devices. Try 8-10.

  18. I love Android things, but. There are a couple of issues that prevents me from using it in the products I design. The first problem is that the SoM's are only garateed to have software support for 3 years. Even if I updated to the latest version of Android things. The second problem is that the SoM's are too expensive. Even at quantitys of hundreds or thousands the price only for the SoM will be in the 100 to 130$ range. That is a lot to add to the bill of materials. You can get a virtual som for less but that requires a lot higher quantity purchase and an extrem complexity in the hardware design.

  19. I really like Android SW
    Question: Would you relate to RoHS and FCC compliance at the supported HW? From my humble survey of "FCC/RoHS" compliant HW which may work with AndroidThings SW, my best option so far is "ASUS Tinker Board S" which has FCC and RoHS labels on its PCB, from the product pictures I have seen.
    I hope it is helpful in some way, information is MIT licensed: for free yet without any warranty

  20. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  21. That's actually nice, good job!

  22. I thought it was a clone of samsung smart things 😂 Never mind

  23. Please offer me one kit of Android Things 🙏🙏🙏

  24. Internet of things support? interesting.

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