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Einführung in Live Caption für Android

Aktivieren Sie mit Live Caption den Untertitel für alle Apps. Erfahren Sie, wie der Produktmanager für Android-Eingabehilfen, Brian Kemler, erklärt, wie es das gesamte Android-System unterstützt.

Erfahren Sie mehr über Live Caption:

Tauchen Sie tiefer in die neuen Android Q-Funktionen ein, die auf der Google I / O 2019 angekündigt wurden:

Erfahren Sie mehr über Android, indem Sie uns auf folgen:

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  1. Pixel 4 has it now, I just saw their IG story

  2. I'm so confused why is this different from closed captioning? What is the big deal?

  3. What it do not exist for Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 10? It's unfair! I'm so angry!!

  4. Now i can pirate movies without worring about subtitles

  5. Doesn't work on my pixel 4…

  6. Now only for Pixel 4? 🤔

  7. FINALLY! i've serching for this thing for years

  8. Ok look what we got!!!! BUT YOU NEVER SAY HOW TO USE IT

  9. I love this. I really want to have android 10 phone to have live caption, dark mode feature etc

  10. How to use live caption?? My phone redmi k20 pro have android 10 ? Where i can turn it on?

  11. +Android Hi Android Team, there is a feature I really would like to tell you about. I sent an email to the developers team, I sent a letter to Google in California, but no one has answered so far. This feature will enable mute people to communicate with a mobile phone to another or landline without the need of a middle service. Please contact me to show you this, it's really great and a lot of people with no disabilities will use it too under some circumstances. Thank you very much!

  12. With select to speak on, it ruins the YouTube experience. I have dyslexia and got the phone for this feature. Real shame.

  13. Why do you nead to have the speaker on ? If you are hard or worst very hard of hearing do you realy want to have your phone on speaker and have every one in 10 meter radius hear your conversation ? Not me, that is why I have a streamer. No souds, my hearing aids are connected to my streamer, so the words spoken are sent to my hearing aid, because of that I can not use the app. Think of it, when you have caption turn on on your tv, do you nead to have the volume on? So why is it different on my phone? Further more the sounds aroud you are pick up , affecting the quality of the transcription.

  14. This is still not available with the final public release of android 10, but it's in the marketing materials… what am I missing???

  15. my Pixel 2 broke a few days before this video was released. what a shame

  16. A brilliant solution from Google. I hope Google would consider allowing the Live Caption to work outside Google's platforms as well.

  17. Good idea, BUT … I don't see it as a purely technical implementation. For example, Google Translate is NOT yet integrated even in YouTube 🤔.

  18. Please allow YouTube pip mode in India

  19. This is actually pretty genius.

  20. When is this coming out ?

  21. Tại sao lại không được tải về chú trích trực tiếp cho Android? Chỉ có mỗi chú trích trực tiếp cho Android Q hả? Buồn quá tôi ơi. Em dùng Android bình thường mà không tải về được

  22. Great
    But the fact is that android phones need update for like 4 years
    iPhones can get iOS updates for 4 years or more .and this is why people love iPhones

  23. Google and some 3rd party app developer should collaborate together to ease and accommodate Android users instead of working separately.. waste of times, sources and energies..

  24. we want android with Huawei dont go please 😖😭

  25. please confirm that this live caption will also work with "audio calling"? you know… most people treat it as a phone, ear to speaker, mouth to microphone.

    As hard of hearing but can speak, I hope live caption will work with audio calling. So that I "see" what has been said and I will respond with "speaking" directly to person on the other end.

    Yes this is brilliant news for all those who are hard of hearing and totally deaf. (of course this could be useful for those who's learning to speak another language)

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