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ENORMOUS 17 "Android Tablet! Samsung Galaxy View2 Unboxing und Hands On

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  1. This would be great to use with a digital mixer

  2. That tablet ufff.. who buy like that… It dont have a taste of design.

  3. This is very scary. My largest device is only 15 inches. And it's a laptop. 😧 A tablet on steroids.

  4. No Samsung DeX ? Cause that would make it so much better

  5. I bought the 1st Galaxy view instantly (I'm typing on it right now) the minute I saw it on sale $150 off.
    One morning my friend called saying his computer died so I went online to bestbuy to see what's on sale and saw this tablet I never knew existed. I told my friend I'd call him back and ordered it right away no checking reviews or specs. As soon as I saw it I instantly knew this is what I wanted. I started off in life with a regular laptop and then switched to a 10 inch Samsung Galaxy tablet because it's more convenient however the screen was too small so when I saw this it's like a computer size screen in a portable tablet. I still use a laptop but this is so convenient especiallyat 69. I'm afraid to use my computer without a sandbox and DeepFreeze technology on the internet but this has better security

  6. Imagine your favorite movie on this,nice big screen,great things from samsung bravo

  7. The phones are next lol

  8. I watching this on an original veiw… best tablet ever.

  9. We have 3 of the 18" galaxies. They get used as much if not more than our phones or TV's. Best money I've ever spent on electronics hands down.

  10. I have the old galaxy view 1.. 1,4 " bigger and you can easy remove the stand on back.

  11. Would of been good for porn but now we have VR! 😋

  12. OK I get it for old people but the price point ridiculous!!!!!! But I’ve always wanted a 20 inch tablet but with some balls mean why not put castor tech in it I just don’t get why to make it subpar why not they had a broader audience if they did that……
    I have a friend that works for Samsung he is not upper management management.. but here’s an executive he deals with cost an hour he told me their flag ship device at a time it’s like three years ago is the $699 phone through AT&T to activate Samsung $29 to make mark up in tech is so ridiculous!!!!!!
    Thanks 🙏

  13. Best tablet ever! I have the first generation and it's awesome

  14. I can already tell that this enormous tablet is a battery drainer.

  15. Samsung fail.. should have been a 4k OLED. Already have the original view. Won't be burned again by Samsung or at&t with their locked insecure firmware!

  16. Finally something that won't rattle in my 17" pockets!

  17. May as well get a laptop.

  18. The built-in stand is the main reason I didn’t buy the first generation and won’t buy this one either.

  19. This device is so worthless. You can achieve everything you did on a device less than $99. In 2019, this looks pretty dated.

  20. $750… why would you buy this over a Tab S4 at $650?

  21. I was interested until I saw it. Terrible design, the stand is worthless and adds too much bulk.

  22. tablet that looks just like a mobile desktop…..for fugitives….?

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