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Entwickeln der FNaF-Hilfe für Android (Fanmade) # 12 (v.0.0.3)


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  1. Congrats And when you Will upload update in gamejolt ? (2. Omg youre awsome)

  2. Im new I tried the game and its amazing the graphics are ok for a non game and its impressive how good this is , I hope the work its gonna keep better and better , and im so exited to see the finale game
    And maybe can you add more sounds and stuff please ?

  3. Great job man but do you know when the first night will be released

  4. I appreciate your efforts💖

  5. I bet Scott cawthon is gonna hire you to port fnaf to xbox cuz you're that good

  6. То есть FNAF help wanted будет на андроид??? 🤩🤩🤩🤩🎊🎊🎊

  7. Five nights at freddy's VR
    Update please

  8. Makes the camera move by the movements of the cell phone

  9. Faz a camera se movimentar pelos movimentos do celular

  10. I think this game should have a VR mode. It would help the scare factor.

  11. Porque no haces mejor videos de lo nuevo que has añadido en vez de un directo más aburrido que quedarse sin wifi?

  12. Bonnie looks epic and the jumpscare.

  13. New subscriber 🙂 Waiting for this game

  14. Add Glithtrap and 10 k congratulate


  16. Can this game also be for iOS

  17. I’m excited to play it when it comes out

  18. How do I download version 0.0.3

  19. When do you make a new demo for android?

  20. Love game but plz update.

  21. cuando vas hacer otro directo de slendytubbies

  22. a textura está bem melhor

  23. Can you please release this on the App Store so iOS users can play it when it is released?

  24. Congratulation for 10,000 subs

  25. Congrats on 10K so when is the party eh

  26. Just wanted to tell you, you're the best mobile porter i have ever seen in my entire life even tho congrats for the 10k subscribers you dessirved it man. Let's try to get up to 20k,30k,40k and so on! Congrats:)

  27. I was in School again😭😭😭please make it 4t hours later


    Ehh im IULITM fan too!

    Can i get early access for Fnaf Help Wanted Android? Please! ^-^ i will upload this video on my channel ok?

    Check it tomorrow ok?

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