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Entwickeln der FNaF-Hilfe für Android (Fanmade) # 62 (v.0.0.9)

Letzte veröffentlichte Version herunterladen:

Wenn der obige Link nicht funktioniert (v


Wenn Sie einen Fehler finden, lassen Sie es mich wissen.



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  1. Tahnk you i have xbox one i will buy fnaf help wanted and you procekt i cool i kann play this game❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤✌

  2. Best fnaf help wanted developer ever <3

  3. ¿Puedes hacer una aplicación de editor para Android, que puedes hacer los mismos juegos que está en la PC?

  4. Hello MC41 Games please next fnaf 1 build fnaf 4.thank you

  5. New fnaf crhacters is withered and update look this link

  6. 36:56 me noticing that the new version is 0.0.9

  7. Hola mc sera que puedes hacer a los animatrónicos del fnaf 1 un poquito más rapidos

    Auto elije para permanecer :v

  8. you will put the Halloween edition?

  9. hola MC! Con Que Programa Haces El Juego? 😀 y meteras nuevos peluches en esta actualizacion ? Saludos Desde Colombia!

  10. Pls add some more things in the office to pick up!

  11. For people asking why it says 0.0.9 its because if you look on the mc41's community tab it says that the original 0.0.5 will be called 0.0.9 since in this next update (0.0.9) will not have just night 1 but night 1-4

  12. Im wondering if you can find a way to implement a true vr vers via a different version or just having this a VR game because Android needs more good vr games and if this project isn't dumped like many other I've seen I'd really like to see this become an Android VR game via the control stick and movement on the Google daydream; it would be really nice to see something good in terms of vr on Android because, like I said, there are a very low amount of proper and really interesting be games on Android

  13. Vc já está fazendo a 0.0.9 ? e a 0.0.5 ?

  14. Ok i Leave of channel where update st 3 android

  15. Теперь будет ar для компьютеров

  16. Achei esse vídeo, que mostra algumas animações do help wanted, talvez seja útil! 😉


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