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Erste Schritte mit Microsoft Launcher für Android-Handys

Mit Microsoft Launcher für Android-Telefone können Sie Ihren Computer synchronisieren, Ihren Startbildschirm anpassen, Ihre Kinder im Auge behalten, Prioritäten setzen, organisieren und Ihrem Telefon ein völlig neues Aussehen verleihen. Erfahren Sie mehr unter:

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  1. It gets a bit laggy , I am using Samsung j7 2016 edition. It has 2 GB ram of which 500mb is always free and around 3 of free space but there are still some stutter which opening the app drawer . So please optimize it , I m running official 8.1 oreo . 2nd issue is the Icon pack looks outdated and very Big . Although they look like iOS which is a good thing but they are very Big in size and only few like Phone, contact, calendar, calculator changes so add more icons for like WhatsApp, Instagram, snapchat, fb etc, make them look more like iOS and make all of them of same size . So those were the only 2 complaints, a bit laggy at times even which scrolling the feed and app drawer and icon pack . I am sure with the knowledge and resources you guys will definitely address this issue, will waiting for the new update. This my most favourite launcher , with transparent theme and bing wallpaper…. its AWESOME! 🙂

  2. This is the only launcher I use, it’s great! Does what it says without being over complicated! A Live tile option would be a great addition to this launcher, as it was one of the best unique features of W10 mobile which sadly is no more. Please add this!

  3. Before resetting my phone I was able to swipe left/right between glance, news and the Beta timeline… now I can't the app is up to date where can I toggle this setting?

  4. Super louncher, now I need landscape mode.

  5. I'm trying to adjust to the transition from WP10. The launcher helps, but the calendar will not display my work calendar which is managed by the Google device policy.

  6. Please redesign your icon pack.
    And please sync the recent activity to the notification bar and make it work like blackberry hub

  7. Are there any plans for it to work with work o365 accounts? Thx

  8. Great launcher… Its will be more attractive with live tiles like windows mobile have

  9. Bring live tiles to the launcher.

  10. Would you have something similar for iOS?

  11. When will ios get it or is it apples fault you cant download it on a iPhone

  12. I used to love this launcher, then they blamed Google for removing the ability to have phone/message badges if the phone assistant was anything except Microsoft Launcher/Cortana. Once this is fixed I'll go back to it.

  13. Best launcher on the app store

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