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Erstellen eines IOS / Android-Spiels in UNITY – Anfänger-Tutorial – # 4 [END]

In der vierten und letzten Folge dieser Tutorial-Serie zum Erstellen von IOS- und Android-Spielen fügen wir dem Spiel eine Partitur, Partikel und Sounds hinzu!

Wir werden uns auch ansehen, wie wir dieses Projekt erweitern können!

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  1. and how to upload this game to playstore?

  2. At 5:55 If you put Time.timeSinceLevelLoad instead the score will reset when you restart the level. Just saying.

  3. I can't find the game in the app store, can you help me?

  4. What are you using to write the code in? I've been trying to find it. Is it Visual Studio?

    Edit: it is Mono something… but mono is only for Mac. If you have windows use visual studio

  5. Tiny planets is not in ios or android

  6. I have only one doubt can i make this game in my free unitt can someone tell me

  7. Hey Awsome tuts as always 🙂 How can i prevent that projectile kills the "planet" who shots the projectile when you using random target.

  8. How do we upload it to app store

  9. hello, please can you help me , Visual Studio Code doesn't have the IntelliSense autocomplete ..

  10. Please add mode full game tutorials on youtube

    It really help us lot in learning it

  11. Hey, i have a question, why do you use Time.time, because it will continue to increase even after stop display it, am i right ?

  12. I want to follow your tutorial and post game on the app store for free But i dont want to take credit . I just want to see the game running fully and be able to get some experience with actually posting and
    publishing a game onto the app store. Maybe you can make a Video on the process of how to post and publish unity games to the app store. Great videos btw! love all your stuff

  13. Why is this game not on the apple app store?

  14. I can’t find the iOS game tiny planets you made on the app store

  15. Hey Noa I have 2 Questions:
    1.Is it necessary to own a mac in order to build on IOS?
    2.If not could you make a video building on IOS?

  16. I think I did everything correctly but my particles are not spawning when I move the planets someone help me plz

  17. Hey, Id like to ask about making a TOS for releasing original projects on mobile, how do I go about this, I have a completed project of my own design and want to release it on andriod, but I want to make sure I dont break any laws by not having a TOS

  18. why not provide us assets for that 2D to follow along the tutorial

  19. Hai NOA….I'm HAZEEM ….I'm new to unity engine…I'm in struggle in starring point…how i learn unity and scripting….can you tell me how you learn unity and your learning journey…I love your videos and tutorial…I recently see your udemy 2d tutorial..I'm completely love that…Can you help me to learn Unity? Please…

  20. Will iphone 5s be enough for ios development?

    This mini tut series gave me a bit more insight for porting my game to unity

  21. I use Unity since December last year. Since January this year, I published 3 games on Google Play:
    #1 Ardeal Space Shooter – a space shooter SHUMP game made in 3D but looks as 2D.
    #2 Nova Ball 3D ballance mode free – rolling ball game made in unity 3D
    #3 Off Road Tropical Cargo – truck simulator game also made in unity 3D
    Now I want to make another off road game, but I am not sure yet. Better graphics, open world, more upgrades, ans I also will try to implement some in-app purchases . Earnings are infirm , but I like making games, so I don`t care if my games sucks, I will make better games , or at least try to make .
    One more thing to mention: I was mentally prepared to make games only when I got bored playing games. I was playing Pc and console games all my life , but 3 years ago I started programming some microcontrollers and never played any game since then.

  22. Nice…I am big fan of your characters…which software you use to make characters???

  23. I am new to you channel but I like and found it very helpful. I have to ask do draw your animation with a drawing pad or with your mouse?

  24. pls guys i need your help i am on pc and i just make animations and movemnt script so what i need to do is to disable
    movment when player croch pls help this the script :

    using System.Collections;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using UnityEngine;

    public class player_mouvement : MonoBehaviour


    public CharacterController2D controller;

    public Animator animator;

    public float runSpeed = 40f;

    float horizontalMove = 0f;

    bool jump = false;

    bool crouch = false;

    // Update is called once per frame

    void Update()


    horizontalMove = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") * runSpeed;

    animator.SetFloat("Speed", Mathf.Abs(horizontalMove));

    if (Input.GetButtonDown("Jump"))


    jump = true;

    animator.SetBool("jumping", true);


    if (Input.GetButtonDown("crouch"))


    crouch = true;


    else if (Input.GetButtonUp("crouch"))


    crouch = false;



    public void OnLanding ()


    animator.SetBool("jumping", false);


    void FixedUpdate()


    controller.Move(horizontalMove * Time.fixedDeltaTime , crouch, jump);

    jump = false;



  25. Please help. Recently for some reason, my asset store started to show like this https://imgur.com/a/9YqNRVE. I tried all kinds of tricks with proxys, firewalls cache and cookie cleaning but in no browser does it work. The old one does, but i cant even access that normally through unity because the new one (broken) doesnt even work at all. On all my other machines it works. I contacted unity customer support and posted on the asset store blog and UA, yet no working solution. Please help, my project requires the asset store for me to be able to continue it!

  26. I think this small tutorial serie is cool, but I regret this is actually not an IOS/Android game creation tutorial. Installing Unity Remote and writing the code for touch input is fairly easy to do alone. Things that are interesting to do when it comes to mobile devices is optimization, dealing with UI and canvas resolution, adding some Google Play features, store, etc, and it would have been better if you covered this stuff. And overall I miss the intermediate tutorials like the random dungeon generator, those are your best videos (in my opinion of course) :p

    Keep up the good work and passion

  27. Unity is great! you are too! your art is so wonderful! – by the way we made a game in less than 24 , we need your opinion! @


  28. You pronounce "as" like "has", but spell it "as". You pronounce "has" like "has", but also spell it "as" 🙁 6:30

  29. Hello everybody! We are an Argentinian independent game studio who has just started a youtube channel. Our ultimate dream and mission is to promote indie gaming in Latin America and take it to a leading role. It doesn't hurt to dream. Anyway, here is a link to our youtube channel so you can check our content if you want to 😀 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ULiYIesS1rq4h0Sgzy8fg?view_as=subscriber

  30. Would you publish this to app stores with more levels?

  31. This is just what I needed to get started. Didn't know bout da seriz yet whatsoever.

  32. It'll be cool if you uploaded the game to play store. It'll be so fun 🙂

  33. hhhhh just me who use just mouse function for mobilephone

  34. Why were the planets moving fine in the editor but still slow and somewhat glitchy looking on the phone?

  35. Keep up with this tuts format, it's great and very helpful. Thanks so much!

  36. if you do not my bad I messed up xd

  37. hey noah may I please have a shoutout I know If you give me one I understand I a am a 9 yr old

  38. Great tutorial! Thanks for making it. Can you cover how you would use UnityAds in a game like this?

  39. Have you put it in the App Store and if you have can you put a link

  40. How about tutorial Build setting? Set up jdk SDK etc.

  41. Can't wait to play tiny planets on my phone

  42. Why is the game so lagged , is there something I can do about ?

  43. Hey noa can you pls make a video on reflecting projectiles back at enemys?

  44. I think everyone agrees that you should do more of these tutorials. They're insanely helpful!

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