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Figma Tutorial – Ein kostenloses UI Design / Prototyping Tool. Es ist fantastisch.

Figma ist ein webbasiertes UI-Design- und Prototyping-Tool (mit einer von Electron aktivierten Begleit-Desktop-App). In diesem Tutorial erstelle ich ein mobiles Layout und entdecke viele seiner Funktionen. Ich muss sagen, das ist vielleicht der stärkste Konkurrent gegen Adobe XD. Was denkst du?

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  1. By the way, very shortly, I will be covering all of the Mac exclusive apps as well. Hang tight!

  2. In want to enter in this field but can u suggest me should I go with this or not

  3. I use Adobe XD can't complain.

  4. @30:00: You don't have to detach instance. The "parent" will change all instances. But instances can overwrite those changes. So you could have changed the text on each instance. Once you do that the thing you edited will be decoupled. So for instance the text string. But the position will still be coupled, so moving the text in the parent will move it in all instances.

  5. Is Figma no longer free for individuals?

  6. Very useful tool and great video as well, you covered just enough to get me started

  7. I've learned so much from this video, Thank you a lot !

  8. 18:25 almost made me spill my coffee, hahahhahahahahahhahaha ("Do Something Else")

  9. 11:40
    How would I properly implement shapes created in Figma and other design apps to HTML/CSS? I understand he said export to SVG, but wouldn't these shapes look weird or just the same on desktop screen sizes?

  10. Thanks for the Video Sir !! I am new in apps design, my new fav Youtube page !

  11. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing the knowledge!

  12. 5:08 Basic Controls, 7:20 Hold Shift, 8:49 Arrow Keys, !11:00! Boolean, 14:50 Alt Key!

  13. "Only" 12 bucks for month? This seems very expensive for a web based utility where most of the processing is done on my computer. Freaking Photoshop is $10 a month.

  14. Hah! They already changed the pricing. Now it is no longer free for individuals… The "Free" plan is limited to 3 projects. That seems a completely arbitrary (not a limitation of cost) limitation to force people to pay, because, why can't a web-based app can't save more than 3 projects when they also provide "unlimited cloud storage"?

  15. Why does this video look like there is some translucent white layer in front of it?

  16. Great stuff. Thank you dear Sir .

  17. Am Using Figma to design and prototype my PWA for my dissertation, thank you for the video, will help greatly 🙂

  18. Hey! As a backend engineer doing a hackathon overnight right now – I'm very thankful, it was great watching this tutorial. Gonna go and implement the design at Figma for our presentation (which will be in 10 hours from now) to show on the slides.

  19. What's your opinion when comparing Figma to Adobe XD?

  20. That was helpful! Thanks!

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