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FirebaseUI Firestore RecyclerView Teil 1 – VORBEREITUNGEN – Android Studio Tutorial

In dieser Videoserie erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit dem FirebaseUI FirestoreRecyclerAdapter eine RecyclerView in unsere App implementieren, die eine Sammlung von Firestore-Dokumenten anzeigt und neue Daten in Echtzeit aktualisiert.

In Teil 1 erstellen wir ein neues Android Studio-Projekt, verbinden es mit dem Firebase-Assistenten mit der Firestore-Datenbank, fügen die Abhängigkeiten für die Designunterstützung und die CardView-Bibliothek hinzu und bereiten zuletzt einige Symbolzeichen und eine Menüdatei vor.

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  1. I couldn't find any tutorial of yours on Firebase Realtime Database (instead of Cloud Firestore) and Recycler View, would this work for that as well? I will try it out and edit this anyway.

    Edit: Well it works perfectly, everything is the same anyway you just use FirebaseRecyclerOptions and etc.

  2. Not working ….just showing blank activity please help

  3. Thank you !!! i'm notbe fired!!

  4. Briliant, i ve been searching for tutorials for my android porject and every time i found the best ones on your channel. I dont usually like or subscribe but you are the exception. Keep it up 👍🏻

  5. Just watched and completed the recyclerview on my app. Very clear explanation. Highly recommended guide 🙂

  6. please make a tutorial on firestoreUI drag and drop on recyclerView please sir

  7. Thanks… I really want {badly…} a tutorial on FireBaseUI's FirestorePagingAdapter… 😅😀

  8. Great tutorial man, simple, to the point, great accent, keep up, Good job.

  9. How to get data from multiple collections or a subcollection?

  10. THKS A lot of… Just a help-coment: the current version of Firabase-ui.Firestore (today is V.5.0.0) don't work with gms 4.3.1, so you have to release the com.google.gms:google-services:4.2.0

  11. thanks sir please tell me one think how can i use google map activity with on click recyclerview
    is there any way please tell me as soon as possible.

  12. The claps at the end hahaha claps claps for you sir

  13. sir is there any method to use single recyclerview + cardview for different data coming from firebase

  14. plz reply soon as possible as

  15. sir i am making my final year project and project required many activities due to many activities size of project going to be large so plz tell me solution how can i decrease number of activities ???

  16. Incompatible versions

    I need code in build.gradele

    To version 28.0.0

    What should I do?

  17. This series is gonna be exciting… Already thrilled.

  18. ey man! I come from Room+Recycler+adapter tutorials;
    Is this a good point for starting implementation of FirebaseUI (I'll need to replace adapters for sure, but will be the same for room local database?)?

  19. Hi there and thanks for a great tutorial. It works great in Java. But would it work in Kotlin too?

  20. java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid index 1, size is 1

    I got this error, when I click on the last item of the list after deleting any item above of it.

  21. sir plz make a video on Admin sdk

  22. First of all Vielen Dank for all your great tutorials. i have a question about Firebase but no judge am really beginner . so i was developing an App fethching data from Json server connected to sql DB and am so interested in firebase bec it applies the same tree like JSON but the is it possible to use more to fetch data than to insert data. what i mean can i depend on it as my database which will probably be entered through other web application

  23. very Thank You sir. Amazing.

  24. hello sir, thank you for the tutorial, please make tutorial about notification with function fire base in background and foreground process, please, i really2 like your tutorial so helpful

  25. Just watched the RecyclerView + ViewModel + LiveData + Room videos – good stuff!
    Should we be using ViewModel with Firestore now as well?

  26. i was look around the library when the applause sound effect at the end. lmfao

  27. can you be my son god-father? Don't worry about financial care, im rich but dumb af

  28. please add firebase paging adapter tutorial

  29. On top of the notes application, how easy it is to add Google-Sign-In so we can make data recoverable when user switch device ?

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