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First preview of Android 12

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First preview of Android 12
Today’s first preview is just the start for Android 12, and we’ll have lots more to share as we move through the release. 
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An important change is coming to Android 12 that improves both app and platform security. This change affects all apps that target Android 12

Multik offers both multidimensional array data structures and implementations of mathematical operations over them. The library has a simple and straightforward API and offers optimized performance.

Outline of how Dagger-Android works, what problem it solves, and how to use it effectively

RxJava was created quite a while ago, but it is still widely used in large Android projects as the main tool for managing streams and multi-threading
Libraries and useful resources
Android DataBinding kit for notifying data changes from Model layers to UI layers on MVVM architecture
Live Q&A of the Motion Layout for MAD Skills series hosted by Android Developer Relations Engineer Chet Haase
Class of the week
Class to handle interactions with Slices. The SliceManager manages permissions and pinned state for slices.
Beyond Android

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