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Flappy Bird Unity Tutorial für Android in 10 Minuten

Adam zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie in nur 10 Minuten einen vollständigen Flappy Bird-Klon in Unity erstellen. Lesen Sie das vollständige Tutorial:

So richten Sie Unity für die Android-Entwicklung ein:

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, it was very helpful…i was able to make my own flappy bird(clone) called "Fly Barry, Fly" . Changed some of the code though, and made a mobile version…published it on the PlayStore. So go check it out, or get the link from my website: okaydesigns.net/games/

  2. Plz tell how to store the game?pendrive?

  3. Is AA give today Samsung galaxy noye 10plus contest?
    I won one, but it's scam.
    Is it?

  4. How do I create a coin that is collected also want to create an in game shop for where the coins are used to buy thing like Extra Life (limited number), New Costumes, Double Coins , Fire Beams etc

    Another thin I want to do is create adverts or get payed from adverts which is a choice to be watched by the game player but if they watch it they will get rewards such as Double Coins, Extra Life, Lazer Beams ETC

    And also a advert Banner where they can pay 4.99 to stop all adverts but still collect the rewards every time they would have popped up

    Please can somebody help me out with all of that please

  5. why do the pipes move with the bird when playing the game?? and the GameObject pipe_down in the pipeUp script dosen't appear 🙁

  6. Idk how this has so many likes, this is rushed as F…. and even the text tutorial has errors. Like: "With BuildLevel(), we’ll then call this method once in the Update() method and once in the Death() method." When they obviously meant Start() and Death().

  7. Bro u can make your own game and earn your own millions.

  8. hi, i know im little late but hope someone will help me so at the pipe up script only error is " the type or namespace name 'Character' could not be found . thanks for helping 🙂

  9. my pipes are going crazy when instantiating, how to fix?

  10. My "pipes" after Death does not disappear. HELP!

  11. Selly flip, coming soon!

  12. how to set the main camera like that.. sorry im beginner

  13. can someone tell me why do my pipes spawn over each other and in wrong coordinates please help me

  14. The pipes don't kill my character. Does anybody know why that is?

  15. Collison2d is not a reference error pls help

  16. No directions on the sprites you made, useless tut

  17. sir make a video score and menu

  18. So I'm having some issues where my pipes keep smushing together so the game becomes unplayable after so many pipes. I messed around with some of the code in the pipup script and I played around with some of the numbers in the float xran and float gapran and that seemed to opened them up again only for it to start doing it again. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  19. I can get my bird to move, but when the bird moves the pipes fall off screen. anyone know why?

  20. hi Android Authority. is it possible to build android webcam app connected via usb port using android java code. thank you

  21. branch clean custom lawsuit punish explore suppose laser.

  22. European deck psychologist remind beg arm on meaning kid closed principle dress eye.

  23. Both bar wow shooting recognize professor PC.

  24. Under investigate practical African tribe declare smoke particular married

  25. Great more flappy bird clones in the app store.. LAST thing we need!

  26. We are waiting more videos with this content.

  27. is there no sunday giveaway??

  28. What language did you use in this video? And can Java code done in Android studio be used with A project in unity3D?

  29. now this is educational need more videos like this.

  30. Is this the guy who loves Sanic ?

  31. Instead doing it in 10 mins kindly do go slow so others will understand more

  32. it's not really under 10 minutes if you fast forward the process..

  33. I have a 150 score of flappy birds.

  34. Wtf is that bird in the thumbnail

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