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Flutter – Googles neueste Innovation für mobile, Web- und Desktop-Apps

Ein Keynote-Vortrag von Martin Aguinis und Matt Sullivan auf der WeAreDevelopers-Konferenz in Berlin darüber, wie Flutter die App-Entwicklung für Mobile, Web und Desktop neu definiert. Diese Sitzung umfasst das Live-Codieren einer Original-Flutter-App, Erfolgsgeschichten von Marken wie BMW, ausführliche Informationen zu den Ankündigungen von Google I / O und einen Blick auf die Zukunft des Produkts.

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  1. this is all what i call coolkid tech.. unfortunately at EE side all this hipster tech is painfully hard to integrate with legacy supersystems. I would rather build 3 different apps on all 3 platforms than commit to something that may get dropped in few years

  2. markets are oversaturated with half-ass frameworks.. I wish this one doesn't turn out as half-ass as nodejs is

  3. Before Flutter:
    Web Devs: We will deploy Web Apps on Phones.
    Mobile Devs: We will deploy Mobile Apps on Web.

  4. Just when I was getting used to using HTML for mobile layout. Now new and controlled layout guides/confines. Crooked smile.

  5. Flutter is good, but there are still some feature missing.

  6. crying using react-native T_T

  7. In the browser does the app uses the JavaScript or it can run pure dart?

  8. The audience seems unimpressed.

  9. Why using vscode instead of using Google's own ide Android Studio?

  10. Watching while waiting an RN app to build release!

  11. It would be great if Matt can do some tutorial on Flutter channel

  12. 26:12 – "View transition", not inaudible

  13. Never thought of doing mobile development. Thinks flutter is a must try. The demos just blew my mind.

  14. Great talk. Awful recording/editing.

  15. ok, now sit the flutter team around the GOlang team

  16. Please share the link for the puzzle firebaseapp site they showed for flutter web

  17. Interested in learning about this. What kind of coding language is this called?

  18. 25:26 What is the software/platform for UIs on the right?

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