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Google BLOCKS Huawei von Android – Was Sie wissen müssen! 🤔 | Der Tech Chap

Die US-Regierung hat Google gezwungen, das Geschäft mit Huawei einzustellen und die Lizenz für die Nutzung des Android-Betriebssystems zu entziehen. Huawei-Handys erhalten also keine Android-Updates und verlieren den Zugriff auf den Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail & Maps! Werden Sie davon betroffen sein und wie ernst ist es?

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  1. Update:
    – Honor hasn't confirmed it's been affected, but as a subisidary of Huawei it will likely be. However their launch of the expected Honor 20 will still go ahead tomorrow.
    – Other companies including Intel & Qualcomm have CONFIRMED they are cutting ties with Huawei.
    – Developing story – I will update this as more information arises.

  2. I bought a huawei tablet just 2 days before the ban…😑

  3. So u mean from now they suck

  4. So should I get a p30 or not I’m getting one on Friday

  5. Wtf i just ordered a p30 huawei from amazon

  6. Why this blocked my goolge

  7. when two elephants fights its the grass that suffers.old african proverb

  8. My Huawei mate 20 Pro is worth £75 in the Uk now. Cost me £800 new 6 months ago. I lost £400 overnight on the secondhand market. Worth noting when buying chinese phones.

  9. The US government is making a big mistake, as a matter of fact it was better for the US to have control over Android OS in Huawei devices, now with this, Huawei will find its way, they are a giant tech company, what will happen when they create a better OS than Android? That will be the issue and it will backfire on the current leading companies in the US. Chinese are not humans are fucking robots with disregard of another human being, so be sure they will come up with something…

  10. Just do not enable auto updates that's it you still have Google and android

  11. was thinking about buying should i still one

  12. Huaweis OS will be doper then shitty android..

  13. i use xiaomi and I WILL BUY A HUAWEI..

  14. My phone is nova 3i and I'm crying and typing this 😭😭

  15. Donald Truimph is very terrible. I hope he will lose the next election.

  16. What if huawei make another Android Like Apple Have IOS Then Why Huawei Not Creating Any Other Thing

  17. I'm good with PC's but not at all with phones, so here is question for more knowledgeable people:
    Could you just switch the operating system? I mean on a pc I could decide to get rid of windows and install Linux, Debian or sth else.
    Is that also possible on phones? Like could I install IOS or the old backberryOS or samsungOS (you get the idea) on a Huawei phone?
    And what are the implications?

  18. True Trivia:
    China Banned Iphone

  19. Trump, google, Microsoft etc are evil. I am done with them, i will chop them one by one. I am not even Asian I don’t like unfair trade.

  20. we love Huawei!And we need huawei!

  21. Huawei tech Co is much better than other phone tech.. Satisfied much specially on its specs.. This is economic terrorism

  22. im pretty sure you can install the google services manually via apks

  23. huawei getting better and better than iphone so thats why it banned from google to make others wont buy huawei phone

  24. I didnt thinking of using huawei before but now im goig for their best 4ne ever made

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