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Google Developer Student Clubs

Google Developers arbeitet mit Developer Student Clubs zusammen, die weltweit Tausende von Studenten ausbilden und mit ihren Communities zusammenarbeiten, um Probleme im wirklichen Leben zu lösen. In diesem Video erfahren Sie von Google-Programmführern, wie sie an dieser globalen Community-Bewegung für Entwickler-Studenten arbeiten. Erfahren Sie mehr unter

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  1. I m a member of DSC core team member from jntuacep but unfortunately I didnt get any course link related to gcp I don't know whom to contact any help regarding this issue is welcomed. Thank you

  2. It doesn't support my country, so it is useless

  3. i'm from Argentina i would love to participate, but they don't accept people from south america

  4. Its only in Africa and Asia?

  5. That's great, but how can I sign up? The link redirects to your YouTube channel

  6. The no option for Mexico 🙁

  7. Wow 😃 I would love to participate next time!!

  8. How i can be student of "Developer Student Club"

  9. That's awesome! 😀

  10. I'm in gdc but they literally do nothing what should i do

  11. As usual just awesome, thank you Google!

  12. I have applied multiple times without any reply at all.

  13. Knowledge is not power, power is power 🏋️

  14. I study in class 8. can I participate?

  15. Why did you left the Spanish university on "Activate" program?

  16. Can a college has more than one dsc lead ?

  17. Why isnt this opportunity available for students in America, Google?

  18. I didn't not joined any college.
    so am i not able to join this club.
    Google SUcks.

  19. Dang it, just graduated. Cool program idea.

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