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Google Headquarters sind super!

Wir haben gerade eine Woche bei Google I / O verbracht und die Erfahrung war fantastisch. Es ist wirklich faszinierend zu sehen, was Google aus erster Hand vorhat. Hier ist eine kurze VLOG der Erfahrung. Teilen Sie uns mit, was Sie von Google halten.


Folge uns:

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Über uns:
Pocketnow ist seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2000 eine wichtige Quelle für Nachrichten und Berichte zur Mobiltechnologie. Mit Niederlassungen auf drei Kontinenten deckt Pocketnow rund um die Uhr die mobile Technologielandschaft ab, von Smartphones über Tablets bis hin zu Wearables. Wir sind bestrebt, Ihre erste Quelle für Nachrichten, Testberichte, Vergleiche und Kommentare zu mobilen Technologien zu sein. Wenn Sie Mobile genauso lieben wie wir, sollten Sie es abonnieren!

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  1. Always, another great video!

  2. The current iteration of the XR is the first gen…Apples usually milks a design for a couple cycles…why would Apple change it already?

  3. I saw Nickelback at that amphitheater 😂

  4. Yes… u r really optimistic… to have another google holiday vacation next year😂

  5. Going Where No Mortals
    Can Ever Go😳

  6. Highest point: the polestar 2

  7. What’s with The Unlockr style vlogging?

  8. You guys are so lucky . 😎🇿🇦

  9. The auto subtitles are terrible on this video. I was cracking up 2 seconds into it. Hope Google fixes this soon with what was announced at I/O

  10. Wow cool man it is awesome to live your dreams man🔥🔥🔥😎🙏

  11. When is pocket now going to stop recording in 16×9?

  12. it looks like life invader from gta 5…

  13. Thank you for showing us around.

  14. It looks like Jaime really enjoyed the visit unlike 2:09 that guy sitting on the bench. He looks so alone and sad

  15. But does android auto have over the air updates like Tesla?? That's the one thing Tesla can provide for you with their cars, but this looks great. Go Google

  16. The likes were at 666 and I couldn't leave it like that….. but even still it looks like the event was fun! I of course enjoyed all the impromptu guests to your video. As always, Jaime, I am grateful for all that you share! Thank you!

  17. Funny to see all these youtubers that i follow on the same video.

  18. Seeing on my Google pixel 3A xl

  19. i want to see the statues in person

  20. That troll intro was great BuT WhY yOu no Coverr Poco phone F1?

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