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Google stellt die Android-Unterstützung von Huawei ein

Google hat einige Geschäfte mit Huawei eingestellt. Der Umzug könnte das Smartphone-Geschäft von Huawei außerhalb Chinas beeinträchtigen, da das Unternehmen keinen Zugang zu Updates für Googles Android-Betriebssystem mehr hat. Zukünftige Versionen von Huawei-Smartphones, die auf Android ausgeführt werden, verlieren auch den Zugriff auf beliebte Dienste, einschließlich Google Play Store, Google Mail und YouTube-Apps.

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  1. Is this news global coz em gonna buy Huawei phone tomorrow
    Em frm pakistan is this matter in my country too???

  2. huawei should just buy google.

  3. good news, us won't be able to spy on the world now. also another win for Russia, they probably have a Russian or Chinese operating system already. this move is probably also to hurt google to, they are hoping google will cave even more to the trump administration.

  4. Another reason to buy Huawei! I don't need Google-Bloatware

  5. That's so obviously Trump wants China to bans all the grants co from U S. Producing in China.
    When they coma back to the U S , Trump will get re-elected for the 2nd terms.

  6. Time to abandon Android. Stop NSA and CIA spying on our cell phone. Let's use Huawei's OS so no more spying.

  7. Then this will be the cause of Huawei's demise for people may not buy their products ever again.

  8. Stay strong Huawei, stay strong China. Sending love and support from Philippines

  9. China Should make OS which will also compatible with google APPs but not google play means make their own OS and own Playstore Version with Android Apps Compatibility… this way you will not lose much in competition in start and will be adopted by world gradually bcoz you are going to be unique…

  10. I thought Google was independrnt organization. Since when it became part of CIA

  11. This is the first time Google bans mobile manufacturer from using Google's services. Will this scares off other Android manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Vivo, ZTE, Xiaomi and etc.?
    I reckon someone will band them together to create an alternative to Android OS very soon.

  12. Please stop the US, the real global terrorist and spy.

  13. boycott us products thats the only answer for dictator trump

  14. PLEASE ban all american products

  15. Stop making Apple,stop trade with Americunt. Trump has said will not allow China to be number one.

  16. This should teach the world to enslaved themselves to listen to US dictator if they want to do a business with them. Be a good doggy? See it clearly

  17. Never used google in china. Chinese are not affected. Only outside china are affected.

  18. Good for them! The more they try to twist Huawei's arm, the more creative and less dependent on their bs Huawei will get. It has already created their own OS plus I wouldn't mind not having the rigged Google apps wanting all the possible access to my phone.

  19. 谁用苹果高通骁龙,谁就是走狗。

  20. Hahaha, this coment sections is full of mad chinese trolls, you guys are going down, enjoy the ride

  21. I don't need new phone but i'll go and buy Huawei smartphone tomorrow just to show my support against the mafia (America) and their boss (trump)

  22. I thought android is open source. see the hypocrite at work here. hope china will eventually bring out it's own software for smartphone and not rely on google anymore. then they lose billions of customer from china & the rest of the world. maybe they have a backup plan like the chips from qualcom etc etc.

  23. they said it is freedom in the states??

  24. China need to produce parallel internet access like google. Google is american spy net…

  25. This proves without doubt that Google PlayStore and YouTube are not free enterprises but are under the control of the USA Government

  26. The American companies really want to isolate themselves from the world. Good luck! Lol

  27. This is a fancy way of saying more censorship in China 🙁

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