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Google stellt einige Geschäfte mit Huawei ein ANC

Marktvorteil: Google hat Berichten zufolge einige Geschäfte mit Huawei eingestellt, nachdem die Trump-Administration die schwarze Liste des chinesischen Technologieriesen erstellt hatte. Dies bedeutet, dass Huawei für zukünftige Geräte den Zugriff auf Updates des Android-Betriebssystems verliert.

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  1. Yung p20 pro ba na huwawei kasama sa banned??? Or not?????

  2. Your huawei phone: Owner?… I dont feel so good…

  3. be carefull, all the Huewei supporting comment here is not the Real account- they are Huewei online pawn to manipulate the disgusting trust of Huewei

  4. Mas maganda kasi Apple!!!!

  5. Let's be honest here, this isn't about something as insignificant as Huawei or spying or even 5G.

    This is about beating down the guy in the 2nd place so we will always remain at the 1st place, with no threat of being taken over.

    We did it with Russia who threaten our military position, we did it with Japan who threatened our economic position, and we're doing it with China now, which WAS going to take over us in GDP in like 5 years or something? If today, some other country like India was in China's place, as the up-and-comer is about to take over us in economic or military power, then we would be finding all kinds of excuses to try to crush them instead of China.

    Like Eddie Griffin said, we're the "United Empire of Earth", and it's just a question of "who's next in the line", LOL disgusting

  6. Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo basta huawei gamit ko

  7. Kasama ba pati huawei y6 2018

  8. I'm afraid you can't play youtube in huawei 😂

  9. Huawei Y6 Pro 2019 Yung Cp Ko Pero Wala Namang Problema

  10. Google just demonstrated that it is state controlled. So what is Washington's problem with Huawei again ?

  11. Uso pa kaya ang cellphone pag nagawa ang hongseng os ng huawei?

  12. Well, gamit ko po is Huawei P30. 😊pero sana wag i bann ang kahit anung brand😊sana magkaayos😊consumer ang mabibiktima neto😊🙏wag sana nila idamay yung gumagamit😊

  13. Panalo ang Pinas dahil sa ginawa ng US.. Tama lng yan para wlang income Manakop sa Pinas

  14. one plus 7 pro user here

  15. Hala tapon kuna tong Huawei ko

  16. So many butthurt chinese beho junk gadgets fanboys 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Who watching in huawei phone hahaha okward

  18. watching on iPhone XR Blue. Don't even know why I'm here

  19. If u cannot beat it. Ban it! 😂

  20. Lmao what about oppo??? Oh noooo

  21. Huawei now is called Huawa

  22. Pag nawala si trump babalik yung huawei promise

  23. Tama lang yan,sa China nga ban ang Facebook at ano pang application galing US. Ganti2 lang

  24. Samsung Users be like: Uhhhh . Wait What?. 😂😂

  25. Of you can't beat them ban them?

  26. Chill lang ang Samsung at LG 😂 .

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