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Google stellt einige Geschäfte mit Huawei ein nach US Blacklist | Al Jazeera Englisch

Die Muttergesellschaft von Google, Alphabet, hat einen Teil ihres Geschäfts mit dem chinesischen Technologieriesen Huawei eingestellt.
Neue Huawei-Smartphones haben keinen Zugriff auf den Google Play Store, in dem Benutzer beliebte Apps wie Google Mail und YouTube herunterladen.
Es wird die Nutzung des Android-Betriebssystems über Open-Source-Lizenzen beibehalten.
Google stellt Huawei jedoch keinen technischen Support zur Verfügung.
Die US-Regierung versucht, das Unternehmen weltweit auf die schwarze Liste zu setzen.
Mehrere Länder haben Huawei aus Sicherheitsgründen die Beteiligung an der Entwicklung ihrer 5G-Mobilfunknetze untersagt.
Trotzdem bleibt Huawei der weltweit größte Anbieter von Telekommunikationsgeräten und -diensten und nach Samsung der zweitgrößte Smartphone-Hersteller.

Einar Tangen ist ein politischer Analyst, der die chinesische Regierung in Wirtschafts- und Entwicklungsfragen berät. Er kommt aus Peking, um die neuesten Updates zu besprechen.

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  1. Kill them all Google.. I rather to buy Samsung and IPhone than this over acting mobile huawei

  2. Exhibit "A" is a big file for Meng Wanzhou if she ever goes to court.

  3. Huawei makes CCTV,population control and surveillance technology for Chinese government and mobile phone for other government….
    Hey you don't know but there is a fair chance they could switch some parts unknowingly… Claim Huawei in case Chinese government have our personal info and bank codes…

  4. Huawei:please my customers need Google Google:shut up you don't need Google YouTube is huatube

  5. This ban hurts the people who have invested their hard earned money in a new phone. Trump and the USA are like spoilt children throwing toys out of prams I'm disgusted. China should ban Apple. The USA sucks.

  6. China should built all setlite system for his military which is not handel by American or other because they cannot damage you in a war with any system stopped by Google or other country selite stop all your system in the call of America so think built your own hardware and software development for make your country easy for such bans

  7. Huawei have ended it's journey, RIP Huawei !!! Huawei have ended it's journey, RIP Huawei !!!

  8. Why is Al jeezra using this blasphemous presenter.

  9. the U.S. can't beat China….All China has to do is to prevent the sale of rare earth metals to the U.S…..China controls 90% of the world market…..80% goes to the U.S…..no more electronics, solar panels, computers, phones…etc…or wait until trump is kicked out of the white house..

  10. Huawei OS ????? , Android OS = America , IOS Apple = America 😂😂😂😂

  11. Free market economy laissez faire does not exist anymore? I love Huawei's phones. Quality and fairly priced.

  12. Just bought Huawei and can't find my receipt

  13. US is the biggest hypocrites when they accuse someone for spying.

  14. Close all KFC and McDonald's in China. National security emergency. They are poisoning with hazard food and making all Chinese fat.

  15. Huawei is a Giant. It would have been far better to leave the Giant alone than fabricate stories against it!!…. oh, but fabricated stories have even been made against countries!!
    oh well!!

  16. This shows Google is dangerous

  17. Same way china doesn't want, india to grow.
    And now enemies enemy is friend.
    I support US
    National security is the priority for any country.
    Unfortunately india govt wont bother much of the same, otherwise Huawei might banned here by now.
    Im posting this fron honor a Huawei phone 😂 lol

  18. Well it means America want to stay superpower for life

  19. Why Chinese companies don't want to learn? the US is not a reliable partner.

  20. In fact this could be a blessing. Hussein could become like Apple and create its own playstore. Have its own unique search engine and use tuduo as a substitute for YouTube. I would include YouTube videos in the video app.

  21. Let the world see the true face of the United States

  22. Be careful Al Jazeera you may be next in the black list as you are the voice of Islamic terrorists

  23. Good! Huawei is the arm of the Communist government. It's time for the FREE WORLD to shut China's spy agency down.

  24. This is a really good thing for rest world.first may get cheaper huawei product.second everyone knows US and start to prepare trading war with US.

  25. GOOD ON YOU HUAWEI, riding on a camel, you think you are bigger than the camel.

  26. You know apples are made in China. So if China puts restriction won’t Apple run out of business ?

  27. in 5G there are LiFi is 5G wireless broadband no more WiFi router
    china engineer are currently develop 6G that is 1000Times faster than 5G does today and 5G faster 100time compare our current 4.5G today

  28. The Huawei Wins
    Tha Iphones Losses.

  29. US:Ban Huawie

    China:Stop making iphones😂😂

  30. Trump makes ASIA really great! In 10 years, nobody uses any American Products anymore – far too dangerous! I stopped already 20 years ago buying anything American…Google on a Sucide mission…

  31. Why not banning Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks too, this way Huawei will be totally malicious and syware free! 😋

  32. the NSA has all the information about you your phone calls who you called when you called how long you called and the US government is worried about Huawei? What a bunch of bulshit

  33. It's already banned in China.
    Google is banning globally.
    It's all the same.

  34. …the way to go ! Stop the chinese Invasion. 👍 GOD BLESS AMERICA 👍

  35. google is now a sjw company tho…

  36. Never ever compete with USA, they will turn your company into ashes, China new lesson learnt, USA is big brother of world

  37. Edward Snowden said Google is one of US government's puppets long time ago, I just realise that was true.

  38. CHINA, Stop all rare earth exports to USA. Then we can see how the Tech. giants in the USA survive.

  39. China supplies 80% of the US rare minerals which is critical for Hitech software and military parts.

  40. If China wants to really retaliate the US is screwed and in the long term I am sure the huawei can create its own operating systems and search engines displacing google.

  41. Is the US gonna reimburse those of us that got Huawei phones?

  42. Huawei should use this ban as an opportunity to develop an Android replacement that does not gather data from smartphone users.
    That would kill Google's Android OS right off international markets.

  43. USA suspends ? More like apple is worried and other American companies that Huawei might take them over so they ask trump to slow them down ? How about that ?

  44. what did google do all this time? Huawei also wants to do the same thing… digital war has beginning for smartphones

  45. When you block Google in China, don't expect to cry when they strikes back 🙂

  46. Will the real America please stand up? Are you the beacon of free market capitalism? Or are you the bully that takes out the knees of companies like Huawei when they take you on by your own rules?

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