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Google stellt einige Geschäfte mit Huawei ein

Google hat das Geschäft mit Huawei eingestellt, für das die Übertragung von Hardware, Software und technischen Diensten erforderlich ist, mit Ausnahme derjenigen, die über Open-Source-Lizenzen öffentlich verfügbar sind.
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  1. Let's be honest here, this isn't about something as insignificant as Huawei or spying or even 5G.

    This is about beating down the guy in the 2nd place so we will always remain at the 1st place, with no threat of being taken over.

    We did it with Russia who threaten our military position, we did it with Japan who threatened our economic position, and we're doing it with China now, which WAS going to take over us in GDP in like 5 years or something? If today, some other country like India was in China's place, as the up-and-comer is about to take over us in economic or military power, then we would be finding all kinds of excuses to try to crush them instead of China.

    Like Eddie Griffin said, we're the "United Empire of Earth", and it's just a question of "who's next in the line", LOL disgusting

  2. Canada needs to embrace Huawei and their 5G network. Truth is it's not the Chinese we need to be afraid of when it comes to national security and or personal privacy. To date, no Huawei products have been linked to security breaches on a national or personal privacy level.
    Meanwhile, Windows, Google, Facebook, Twitter and a multitude of U.S. apps and operating systems have built in backdoors for C.I.A., N.S.A. and others U.S. entities.
    Video below gives good reasons for countries to ban everyone but Huawei.


  3. Noto se hace en china, meterse con china Es peligroso, estados unidos lo esta subestimando

  4. JEWS are doing to Huawei what they did to the BCCI in the 1990s. Jews monopolise

  5. 华为不死鸟 Huawei The Phoenix, a new epic starts hereon.

  6. Microsoft stopped selling Hauwei computers.

  7. Hope China put this clown in his place, honestly from the time he has be in office all we hear is bad news, war, separation, disrespectful to other countries, racism etc… enough is enough

  8. Damn I'm a huawei user I love it so much because most of my devices(phones /tablet) are durable from falling not to mention camera specs as well

  9. The Chinese are stealing patent and intellectual property rights than using their army of slave labour to re-create it (shoddily) and mass producing it across the board to undercut the people they stole it from. Its really amazing how when you dont have to invest in R&D because others do it for you how much money you can make.

  10. chinese media cctv 13 [NEWS 1+1] Huawei CEO Mr. Ren (任正菲先生在專訪 答謝 協助华為成長 在30年間 的 美國 "良心"企業家 https://youtu.be/6t9hBomvRlA)
    中文 preview https://youtu.be/fUzd9Rk1Srg

  11. Is google planning to do the same to Oneplus?

  12. Google can’t push into China’s market than got pissed 😡

  13. You mean the manufactured problems by the U.S.

  14. That's just another blatant attempt to clip China technology, I'm not sure this will work this only force China to independently developed there owen systems and with the money they have I'm sure the Google software designer and others will quit there job and go to work for them.

  15. Seems Trump doesnt understand China enough. China have been growing up under kinds of embargo and sanctions since the establishment of New China in 1949. When nuclear technology was banned against China, China made hydrogen bombs which are even more powerful than atomic bomb.

    When satellite technology was banned, China worked out the Beidou positioning system which is more advanced than the US's GPS.

    When China was boycotted by the US, European Union and Japan in space programmes, China made her own space station which will be the only one space station by 2020 as the International space station made by the US will retire at that time.

    Japan restricted China from acquiring High speed railway technology, China invented her own one which is even faster than any other high speed railways in the world.

    The US banned the export of Intel CPU core to China for making super computer. China quickly invented their own Sunway Taihulight supercomputer with self-designed CPU core.

    China even invented the world's first quantum satellite 'Micius' which is unhackable.

    Every time when China is sanctioned, China will grow stronger and stronger. This kind of despicale tricks won't works to China. Thanks to Trump, China will become the world's super power very soon!

  16. "If the lights go out in the West, the East will still shine. And if the North goes dark, there is still the South. America doesn't represent the world. America only represents a portion of the world." – Ren Zhengfei, Huawei founder.

  17. This will hurt Huawei in the short term most people love google on their phone and would not want to use a Chinese search engine
    Hard for China to complain when they banned Google years ago in China .
    But sure Huawei will be developing their own western style op system that could some day beat google

  18. I've read articles that claim security fixes will come to existing phones much later or not at all so this video is this true that it will continue to get updates or not becuase I'm trying to sell my dads handset who passed away earlier this year could this now make it impossible to sell or damage the value of the handset?

  19. The Europe just announced that they couldn't find any spywares on Huawei equipment!!

  20. Lol, Google finally becomes a state owned company. Nice one.

  21. Chinese most popular apps Wechat and TaoBao cease licensing with Apple, it would be the end for Apple in the China market!

  22. very clear, it gives a hard time to Huawei and China. Let's see, if it is good for the states.

  23. Rule #1 in Western Capitalism: Competition never existed, especially when we're losing

  24. US cellphone brands sales ranking has already been surpassed rapidly by Chinese brands because it's more high-tech and way cheaper that's why US companies needs the favorable government action to counter the Chinese. This only boils down to trade war between US-China.

  25. Google tells Huawei, don’t be evil

  26. US accuses China of leveraging tech companies like Huawei to do its bidding. Now it forces Google and other tech companies to stop doing business with Huawei. Is the irony lost here?

  27. Aslaam-o-Aliykum

    Kise nay agher urdu main sunna hai tu mery channel per ajae details hai ok

  28. So you're saying Google DOESN'T condone spying on people?

  29. Trump just shows the world US is the greatest spy , go against Trump and your data will be shut down …. any country go against trump your country will be in disaster …. so who’s the spy now

  30. Remember the sixties? How they were treating the Asian car manufacturers? I see the same patterns here. Same on you America!

  31. Someone didn't watch vice.

  32. If you cannot beat them, ban them. American Capitalism.

  33. Every tablet, every cellphone and every computer is built in China. If the Chinese wanted to spy on everyone it's already done….LOL!!!

  34. Google says it will comply with government requirements. It hands/handed over data to NSA but refused to hand over Chinese user data to Chinese government when itoperated in China several yaers ago thus banned by China. The USA is doing what it accused Huawei will do…

  35. CBC covering up for China and proxy puppets. Shame.

  36. The Chinese are as dishonest as Mexicans.

  37. I am wondering if Google found a security threat. Just check your Microsoft accounts these days and how many unsuccessful syncs you get in your account activity that originate from China ,Russia,Korea and you will crap yourself.

  38. Google will loose a lot of business

  39. I am American
    I hope China ban US companies manufacturing in China
    This will force them to manufacture in here for security reasons

  40. That's what happens when Hauwei and its CFOs sue the…………..US Government.

  41. i m waiting for huawei's new OS so i can be free and clear of google constant data collecting robots

  42. Just curious but you guys at the CBC have heard of this big European country called France. There are major events taking place in that nation almost completely ignored by the mainstream press. Seven straight months of massive protests that are spreading throughout Europe and the rest of the world and a North American public left completely in the dark. How does the CBC justify this ?

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