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Google unterbricht die Android-Lizenz von Huawei – Pocketnow Daily

Bei Pocketnow Daily hat Google gerade sein gesamtes Geschäft mit Huawei eingestellt. Einige Benutzer haben Probleme mit dem Neustart ihres Google Pixel 3as. Wir haben neue Lecks, die uns sagen, was wir vom Design des Galaxy Note 10 erwarten können. Wir haben auch den Codenamen für das kommende Samsung Galaxy S11. Wir beenden die heutige Show mit Angeboten für überholte iPhone 7s.

All dies und mehr nach der Pause.

– Google stellt das Geschäft mit Huawei ein und zieht die Android-Lizenz ab

– Googles Pixel 3a hat für einige Nutzer ein ernstes Problem und es ist keine Lösung in Sicht

– Leak bietet Details zu Samsung Galaxy Note10 und Galaxy Note10 Pro / Plus

– Dies ist der Codename für das Samsung Galaxy S11 des nächsten Jahres

– Erziele heute nur ein freigeschaltetes iPhone 7 mit 128 GB für 230 US-Dollar (Cert. Refurb, Orig. 749 US-Dollar).

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  1. This makes me support Huawei even more. Im beyond happy with my P30 pro. Its a shame we lose as consumers for the US government and Google's actions.

  2. Can't u just install the Google Play Store with an APK??

  3. What hotel did you stay out this is not the norm for the UK or London at least

  4. Believe it or not hymen rivven

  5. 龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕䖘䵈䶁䘔䶑䘓鋱䩳䵷㒪䪉䉥 䥸䳮䟑䎘䫱䉷䰯䕈䟐䬝䥰龘䰕䘋㽌龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕䖘䵈䶁䘔䶑䘓鋱䩳䵷㒪䪉䉥 䥸䳮䟑䎘䫱䉷䰯䕈䟐䬝屌䥰龘䰕䘋㽌䇁䵄䵻䬛蟿䆉龘䶛䨻䎱㸞龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕䖘䵈䶁䘔䶑䘓鋱䩳䵷㒪䪉䉥 䥸䳮䟑䎘䫱䉷䰯䕈䟐䬝龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕䖘䵈䶁䘔䶑䘓鋱䩳䵷㒪䪉䉥 䥸䳮䟑䎘䫱䉷䰯䕈䟐䬝䥰龘䰕䘋㽌䇁䵄䵻䬛蟿䆉龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕㹚䥰龘䰕䘋㽌䇁龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕䖘䵈䶁䘔䶑䘓鋱䩳䵷㒪䪉䉥 䥸䳮䟑䎘䫱䉷䰯䕈䟐䬝䥰龘䰕䘋㽌䇁䵄䵻䬛蟿䆉龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕㹚䵄䵻䬛蟿䆉龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕㹚 蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕㹚 䇁䵄䵻䬛蟿䆉龘䶛䨻䎱㸞蚮䡶䴞䴝䯬䬛䰕㹚

  6. Hey Jaime!!!, Great reviews, just subscribed. You are A+ professional. On the Huawei situation.. I work for an airline and have been told many months ago we can not use, purchase, any product from Huawei or ZTE. If you read the WSJ.com everyone has been pretty aware for a while now of the security concerns with them. These company / organization have an active Chinese Comm officer on the board, lol. This is real stuff boy and girls, its not a political joke. Been going on now for a looong time just no one has been smart enough to do something about it. Why do you think their products are soooo low cost and look exactly like Apple products or copies of other popular products. They steal and copy practically every ting we have here in the US. Enjoy the reviews Jaime, your our new fav go to reviewer.

  7. Hahaha🤪 Im Imah Rebera and I travel! I bet you've never known anyone that travels like me. Im Imah Rebera! Hey, Londone Engerland! Hahaha, Im Imah Rebera! Put a shrimp on da barbie! Im Imah Rebera! Sometimes I forget my name. But not now! Im Imah Rebera!

  8. Really sad news… come on who is the loser banning Huawei…? Let them be man.

  9. If Apple and Samsung are afraid of competition they should just close doors. This is a clear sign of them being afraid of Huawei. There is always a solution and I think they will find a way.

  10. I guess they don't want us govt backdoor spyware

  11. It's ridiculous I don't know why Google is doing this

  12. Trump/USA thinks he is the king of the world? Really who does he think he is, he is destroying the world economy with this tribute war w/China. I'm from Brazil and our currency to dolar is so so high which is super bad, this it's not 100% on Trump but a big % it is.

  13. Jaime riverrrra tienne sueño

  14. Every new pixel always have some problem…Deal with with..🥴

  15. Nokia 3310 here we come… Let's get back to the 5-7 days battery life and physical keyboard. Suddenly I don't like how Google is playing this, is not fair play. I will just give back my Pixel 3a – very expensive cheap phone comparing with the current market.

  16. Just side load the apps enable developer mode and ur good

  17. So there won't be google spywares in the chinese spymachines?

  18. Keep Android. Replace the Google Play Store with a 3rd party.

  19. I'm good with Sami, Google, and Apple.

  20. This means 3 things:
    1. ANY smartphone maker can be Removed from Android. It's more scary for customers than smartphone customers. I personally hope Android either improves or completely collapses.
    2. The world needs More Smartphone OS platforms.
    3. Google and Facebook spy WAY MORE on users than anyone else, so this is both Shocking and Extremely Scary.

  21. Return, ban, negatively review and provide negative feedback to all companies that acted accordingly to the policy. I know that it is the government that decided about that, but Google and the rest from the Silicon Valley are global companies. I am from Poland and I have the P30 and I will suffer from this decision. Should I demand refund from Google as they are not fulfilling the contract with a customer? I paid for their OS within the price of the smartphone.

  22. When Politics Get Involved
    Tech Gets Tricky
    Lots A Luck 🤔

  23. I hope that Huawei build it’s own Mobile Os.

  24. Huawei phones were great and I was planning to get the p30 pro and now what do I do?

  25. I think he may finally may be getting bored of saying his own name?

  26. I won't be buying Huawei products anymore. What a shame.

  27. I think to just publish the P30 review. The P30 will have a play store so no problem yet.

  28. USA GOVT & Others- Ban on Huawei
    CHINESE – Hold my Noodles (Boycott Apple & Other coming Soon)

  29. Ask Windows how their OS went.

  30. Clearly any chinese devices rarely use google in china they have their own store and apps which is popular among chinese people but in terms of expanding Huawei devices outside china its a big downfall they have to come up with their own os which wont get easily noticed by the users as of now comparing to Google and ios store

  31. It's really not good, can a UK arm of Google not work with them. Having just purchased the P30 Pro I hope it gets sorted quickly although it seems current devices may be ok.

  32. Wouldn’t oneplus have the same issue?

  33. It is all about Trump's trade war with China. Cutting off Huawei's supply chain and its software support from the US companies doesn't make any sense, because Huawei poses no threat to the US as US government has already banned Huawei from deploying 5G equipment in America. Banning Huawei from buying components and software from US firms will hurt companies like Microsoft, Qorvo, Xilinx and Qualcomm as well. The Huawei ban is a part of Turmp administration's strategy to put extreme pressure on China to get a trade deal. But I wonder how successful this strategy will be. According to Reuters, Chinese medias have already started propaganda campaigns aiming at ramping up nationalism among Chinese people in preparations for a long fight, which make the swift resolution to the trade war become less likely.

  34. Welcome back to the UK. Centre of London = tiny hotel room (unless you open the wallet wider bro).

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