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Google unterbricht die Verbindung zu Huawei und verzichtet auf Android-Zugriff | DW News

Das chinesische Technologieunternehmen Huawei erlitt einen schweren Schlag, nachdem Google seine Verbindungen zum Mobiltelefonhersteller gekürzt hatte. Der US-amerikanische Internetgigant reagiert auf die Entscheidung der Trump-Administration, Huawei als "nationale Sicherheitsbedrohung" einzustufen. Der Umzug bedeutet, dass Besitzer von Huawei-Smartphones in Zukunft nur noch eingeschränkten Zugriff auf Google-Dienste haben könnten. Dies ist darauf zurückzuführen, dass die USA und China in einen anhaltenden Handelsstreit verwickelt sind, der keine Anzeichen für ein Ende aufweist.

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  1. Trump trump trump 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Huawei have ended it's journey, RIP Huawei !!!!!

  3. Is she saying chi-way? 😂

  4. geez, so much ignorant people on the comment section. do you people not realize that since the XIX century every country spies on every other country they can afford to? stop with the hypocrisy. the issue with Huawei and why other countries beside the USA are jumping on the ban wagon is because of the serious security implications on letting a foreign government potentially control part of your infrastructure . Imagine instead of 5G it was the power grid, you wouldn't know if the foreign company hid a mechanism to shut down your entire national power supply, it is just as dangerous with telecommunications. the Huawei Ban is not a punishment for already being caught spying but a preventive measure to avoid making it extremely easy for them in the future.

  5. For me Huawei phone is affordable for all kind of people

  6. Huawei is becoming a danger for USA that's why American government have ban iy

  7. Not huawei but i can see death of apple in the horizon if china bans apple.
    1. Apple has no chance in india and southasia
    2.no entry to china.
    Half of the world lives in those area.RIP apple

  8. Though USA take it too far…I can't fully blame them to all these matters…

  9. I wait to buy Huawei Pro 30. I don't care about spying things since everyone is being spied anyway.

  10. The Chinese will more than likely make their own operating system to counteract this

  11. Talk about bullying, America is a getaway freight train doing 200mph with no brake, Trump is driving.

  12. Thank you to google came to my country and we knock off all your technologies and now we don’t needed you . Cut cut cut !!!!!!!!!!

  13. USA has nasty ways of make business, they don't want competition, especially when that competition is better than what they offer…think about it…

  14. I was about to buy the last drop of Huawei but finally I got The Samsung Galaxy A50 this May/2019
    What a Phone guys !!Am so satisfied!! Go check it out in YouTube!!!!!the options are tremendous
    Edit: Hit like for my Last Call Choice .

  15. I think better if we all cut off from china, the US company is ban in China and why US can't cut tie with China and they are like crying babies the chinese government cannot compete fairly and square without stealing intelectual rights from the other. It is them who started the banning why google can't do it to huawei i think its just fair enough. US is fair but chinese was not fair, Imagine the tricky things that chinese always did is to buy a few, dismantle it and study and reversed it and walah a new product. See how very competitive is the Chinese, they can fake everything from clothes,cars ,phones etc. So fair enough the tie would be cut its not that they cannot compete with the 5g china is been using US products for their advantage. So its time that US do what is right.

  16. Huawei phone is now the safest in this world because CIA will check every single piece from Huawei.However so they find nothing ! Remember CIA is the no.1 expect in spying !

  17. America need to take it's international trade of cell phone chips back to America and if necessary, to a country that needs uplifting ECONOMICALLY AND FINANCIALLY. CHINA has on her big bloomers now. She has started to brag too much about her success and how she don't need the American dollar anymore. She can apparently stand on her own now. Especially since she has all of the blueprints on American technology (TVs, cell phones, computers, etc.). It's time to build up other countries that need our help worst than China.

  18. What a Mess ! As A north American am deeply concerned about our deteriorating relations with China, politically and economically as last December in Canada, my country the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER of HUAWEI Cathy MENG was arrested on a extradition treaty with the United States. Growing and escalating Trade War aside, the Questions still remain ! One being : IS or HAS HUAWEI actually engaged in Espionage For The Communist Party of China ???

  19. Google just killed herself , huawei just offered a new operating system , and it has an access to 1.4billion ppl market , what do you think android apps developer will do 🤣?

  20. In a way…what they US just did was put a sanctions on Huawei

  21. Noooooo how will I watch YouTube I just bought a honor 8x and an instant regret I wished that I bought a Samsung A series 😭😭😭

  22. 5G are fake even in my country lots of complain..using secure own privacy app not acceptable even in game coz they after all your privacy and they kept eye on you

  23. This is so wrong, America treats… Maybe they think they run the World.


  25. girl its huawei (like wow ayei )

  26. this ban is opportunity for China.

  27. correct pronunciation: who-are-we

  28. Is it Huawei or shoowey ?

  29. The USA only doing this to huawei cuz they are scared of apple(iPhone) is about to be kicked of the leading sales position. China should stop assemble iPhones instead

  30. The whole world is now awaken on How Google (US) is holding the companies (world) hostage by restricting it's software usage. Time to develop alternative solutions. No more relying on unreliable US firms.

  31. Huawei will release the new OS earlier. this is a good news. Huawei and 4 other Chinese cell phone vendors sell more than 60% of world cell phone, and Huawei's new OS will be majority very soon. No more spying by NSA and CIA. Google will lose this battle in the long run.

  32. In main land China, google dont exist at all time. There are thousands good Apps in China. It is time European cunsumers learn and enjoy the apps from China with more safe and security. Huge potential for Chinese app developers, big money, big opportunity for long term. Thanks Trump!

  33. Google just gave BIRTH RIGHT to competition that will surpass them

  34. There are better stores than Playstore.

  35. Finally I can use a Huawei phone without those shitty preinstalled Google Apps 😀

  36. Europeans wont buy Huawei if they can't get access to google apps.

  37. Look at those 50 cent army rushing in through their Great Firewall. More reason to ban Huawei. Sadly trolling the internet especially on youtube is not gonna help Gina win the trade war. So pathetic.

  38. ahahah trump sees hes apple is going down by huawei and then he broke up with huawei lol

  39. China has own Internet ecosystem so this ban only effect Huawei user outside of China, but next time when US had trade war with EU, American Internet company would just ban Europeans from using them and you have no choice.

  40. Typical 'Do as we say, not as we do' from Exceptional America of Israel

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