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Google verbietet Android-Dienste auf Huawei-Geräten nach der US-amerikanischen Handels-Blacklist

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Zukünftige Huawei-Geräte verlieren den Zugriff auf die Android-Dienste von Google, da die Muttergesellschaft von Google, Alphabet Inc, aufgrund eines US-Regierungsbeschlusses, der US-Unternehmen untersagt, mit dem chinesischen Telekommunikationsgiganten und seinen Tochterunternehmen zusammenzuarbeiten, keine Geschäfte mehr mit Huawei tätigen wird. Seit die schwarze Liste der Regierung am 16. Mai 2019 erstellt wurde, hat Google auch alle Geschäfte mit Huawei eingestellt, die den Transfer von Hardware, Software und technischen Diensten beinhalten würden.

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  1. Never trust any US company anymore, they are all lapdogs of the corrupt US government

  2. Well….. Time to change phones😫😫😫

  3. Huawei is technically an extension of the CCP. I can totally see why the U.S. is doing this.

  4. Wow…won’t u look a that. It’s a shame really. That’s just bullying and when China creates something similar to google the u.s is gonna be like copycat

  5. Iphone production mostly made in china.. mostly all products made in china…

  6. ALL CHINESE AROUND THE WORLD WILL NOT USE googles, iphone or android

  7. It is totally unfair for Huawei.

  8. Those who are complaining Google first realize who is the man behind this , trump

  9. Because samsung and apple spy on people with their devices. Maybe Huawei just dont want to be part of this

  10. I wonder can you install APK or Custom ROM to bypass this google app ban?

  11. To be honest the domestic market won’t suffer that much since Chinese have their own search engine, App Store and not use google or YouTube. Even if they want to use, they can still use it through web browser. But this can impact the international market. Not being able to access App Store or play store is a huge inconvenience. I wonder if anyone buying a new phone would be willing to sacrifice such an inconvenience when they can buy another phone with the same price that has the access to the convenience of App Store and play Store. People think creating a new os is easy till you know how complicated it is to build one let alone security issue and others update problems.

  12. My channel will be terminated soon.

  13. Finnaly now my mom will buy me a new phone btw I'm using my Huawei mediapad

  14. US ban Huawei for stealing data

    While Google gets our data and maybe the US government is watching it too.

  15. How to win a competition, BAN THEM!!!

  16. Usa need be baned
    And sanctions by Asians

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