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Google zieht die Android-Lizenz von Huawei ab, als die chinesischen Medien Anti-US-Rhetorik verbreiten

Google gab bekannt, dass es wichtige Geschäftsaktivitäten mit Huawei einstellt. Der Umzug von Google bedeutet, dass Huawei nur die öffentliche Open-Source-Version von Android nutzen kann. CNBCs Eunice Yoon berichtet.

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  1. I wonder what Microsoft would do. Windows license is going to be pulled out for Huawei and other Chinese companies?

  2. It's not the Chinese media really, anyone would be pissed by this shit.
    Many Chinese used to look up to the great United States, me was one of them, but hell I was naive.

  3. Fuck we needed throw those huawei out because Chinese government throw YouTube Facebook and google out of china

  4. America has to much influence on the internet market like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so on we can't rely on America that much we need something to compete with them in Europe or around the world not China because it's a communist country and they will brain wash you with communist propaganda 24/7

  5. It's a lesson to other countries in Asia and Europe. Time to have your own Mobile OS and app eco system or suffer the similar consequences. May be China had been right all along to ban these us tech giants into their market for this same reason.

  6. a lot of huawei weaboos in here. If you want to sell your information to the communist government in china be my guest.

  7. I'm annoyed with the "wawei" pronunciation.

  8. Stop buying American cars

  9. My girlfriend bought a Huawei phone and it's in the shop getting fixed more than it's in her hands. It's a piece of shit, just like everything else produced in China. Cheap knock-offs.

  10. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, and ASEAN countries will soon join hand in hand not to solely depend on US made products.

  11. When they r far ahead , called for free trade… Now they feel insecurity in free trade….
    This will down US bully imperialism

  12. US media has been ratcheting up anti-China rehetoric for decades. lol

  13. Yeah it's about time to get rid of big tech who steal & replicate from..ummm, u know what I meant..if u dont know..go to sleep.

  14. CNBC's logo has a bit similarity with HUAWEI's

  15. I think it's very sad that people think this is ok!!! We live in North America with Government allow pesticides, GMO foods, Air pollutants, fake foods, Racist cops that harassing and murdering black people native American Indian people, etc. So…who is the real enemy?!?!?!? And people are ok with this because they keep turning a blind eye! O awake children of Zion and let's put an end to evil doers which has no race, culture, skin shade, but exist in all!

  16. Fucked up US fears from something which is already happening to them from the hands of Apple's devices. Hypocrisy at its best !!!

  17. The US needs to just give up on this ridiculous ideal that they will always be the most powerful country in the world. Anytime another country develops to the point of "threatening" US hegemony, this is how the US handles it? Talk about insecure… the world that does not revolve around the US, and other countries should be allowed to and can develop without supposedly "raping" the US economy…

  18. If trump blocking huawei he gonna be raped by the Chinese in so many ways😂

  19. That’s nice thing so chine and Korea will start building their own systems and creat more competition

  20. Looks like HW is forced to challenge Google's OS monopoly and the US monopoly on chips. Should serve as a warning to other international firms what may happen to them if they're too dependent on US suppliers

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