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Honor 20 Pro Hands-On: Schöne Unsicherheit?

Haftungsausschluss: Als wir dieses praktische Video drehten und vorbereiteten, standen uns noch viele Neuigkeiten nicht zur Verfügung. Wir haben beschlossen, unser Video weiterhin mit dem Schwerpunkt auf dem Produkt wie es ist zu veröffentlichen, und wir werden über den Status von Honor und Android berichten, sobald wir offiziellere Informationen erhalten.


Dies ist der Honor 20 Pro, der Teil der neuen Honor 20-Serie ist, denn ja, das Unternehmen experimentiert jetzt mit seiner ersten Serie. Der Honor 20 Lite wurde bereits in bestimmten Ländern eingeführt und ist einer von zwei mächtigeren Brüdern.

In der Ehrenserie ging es immer um Ästhetik und Kamera. Wir haben Vorgänger wie den Honor 8, 9 und 10 gelobt, weil sie diese Grundlagen zu einem erschwinglichen Preis bieten, und der Honor 20 Pro ist keine Ausnahme.


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  1. Can you also review the XIAOMI Redmi k20 pro. It's supposed to be the next flagship killer on par to the oneplus 7 pro. Please check it out. And how much will it cost?

  2. Please advise if honar is worth getting regarding the non support from Google? What's the latest OS, pie? What's the situation with Huawei and Google/US government?

  3. Completely off topic. Got a link to the wallpaper you were using on the computer? That cityscape looked too good to pass up. Nice video as always.

  4. Pocketnow is now in 4K! That's cool!

  5. too much inspiration from s10e

  6. At 1.7 million subscribers my man Jaime Rivera is still the most underrated tech reviewer on YouTube!!

  7. They can unlock boot loader and allow people to flash any rom. Problem solved.

  8. Phantom Black got my attention but I'm holding out to see what happens with Huawei future before I plan my next purchase.

  9. Free Huawei from Trump's evil clutches!

  10. The phone got released yesterday & today it's obsolete, wow how sad. Many have tried to create a new OS & many have failed. I guess I wouldn't touch a Huawei phone until this problem can be resolved, if at all!

  11. Another of last years SOC? No Xiaomi trolling this time?

  12. Just a reminder 90 days from today. will be the last you get android updates for this phone. Then you will have to use software version that u get in between these 90 days time, until the very end when you bury this phone. sad but its a fact. You will be stuck with nothin but pie forever. No android Q.

  13. Honors line up is confusing….

  14. The framerate looks HORRIBLE… What did you do, Jaime?

  15. This phone is really great, Huawei midrangers get better and better every time, more than their flagships!

  16. If this stupid fight ceases and Google and Huawei get back to normal, Huawei's doing a new system with Google apps (like Apple) would be great! IOS is way better and more optimized than Android, basically anything is LOL

  17. please compare this with Xiaomi MI9

  18. When are we getting the Kirin 990?

  19. Why punchhole? Big thumbs up to oneplus 7 pro totally bezel less display

  20. A Brand New and Obsolete phone, basically a Beautiful Paper Weight!

  21. Who else has tried pronouncing Rivera as he does?

  22. now since google cancelled support for huawei, it is possible that even honor is effected?? (since huawei is the parent company of honor). then whats the point buying it, without security patches, android updates, and google apps like youtube and maps ?

  23. I find 6" easy to handle Jamie, don't know what your issue is 🍆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. 2:38 did he go back in time to take a photo of himself from the past?

  25. I can’t even watch this because of such an uncertain future

  26. Where's The One plus 7 pro content at ? Waiting for your video.

  27. waiting for a "legal" brand to "copy" the 1.4 aperture and the macro thingy

  28. that macro lens is a cool addition, hoping more phones include that in the future.

  29. *84.1% screen to body ratio calm down

  30. What's the point promoting it…people can't buy when no Google services or updates…may be good for China if Huawei launch their own os but not for the world.😞

  31. So again chinese copy samsung😂😂😂. Garbage phone.

  32. Without any of the second thought, OnePlus 7. (for matching the price point.) But sadly it wasn't available in the US.

  33. I would say though, honor 20 pro has better camera than oneplus 7 pro..people would be hesitant to buy this phone until the US gov't dispute will be resolve..

  34. It's not a good time to buy Huawei phone even if it's at mid range price. No updates, no android support, oh hell no I'm gonna stay away from Huawei

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