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Huawei Android Ban Explained: Mate 30 ohne Google Apps ?! Bekommt dein Handy noch Updates?

Oh je. 😬

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  1. The ARK OS is almost there. it will be faster and more advanced

  2. Glad I'm in Africa, everyone leaves Africa alone

  3. Hi do is we it's an off so you can see hope it works out for the no of days in day to of do oh do do in sry u is so fun

  4. google could just tell the government to go fuck themselves
    you cant shut down the worlds most popular search engine (you would destroy 80% of the mobile phone market, global email services, youtube and endless other forms of collateral damage if you did, it would be a literal online apocalypse, which would spill into the real world)

  5. surrendering all those hardworks on 5G to the U.S.? are you stupid ?

  6. yeah fuck you Trump you MTFK and fuck you again

  7. That’s only in the USA, NOT in free sovereign countries. In Canada there is a 40 years old law, all foreign companies operating in Canada 🇨🇦 must follow the laws of the land or face billions of fines. South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia will follow soon.
    +The U.S.A. tried to forbid U.S. companies doing business with Cuba and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said Canada is a free sovereign country and passed a law to protect their sovereignty. Huawei IS ALIVE AND KICKING IN CANADA.

    Latin Americans are happy to be part of America since 1492.
    U.S citizens are US Americans, Unitedstatesians or USONIANS.

  9. No Google Apps by default????? This is a gift from heaven!!!

  10. Of all discussions about Huawei's replacement OS, seldom do people talk about what Huawei has picked to replace the Google Maps. Similarly, although there have been reports that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and SD Card cut ties, not a word touched the fact that the GPS satellites belong to the US and whether Huawei is allowed to continue to use the GPS technology. Or, if Huawei has to use China's Beidou satellites instead of the GPS satellites, have they been able to manufacture a GPS/Beidou chipset for their phone?

  11. We need some strong mobile software outside US. even if it is limited initially, I'll buy it and use it. with google and other software companies, US can do this to any company any time. BDW, what about the justice system. Why Huawei doesn't take the legal route if they are not doing anything fishy?

  12. if i buy p30 pro will i have google ??

  13. America and Israel have been spying on the whole world all this while and suddenly China gets too advance and they got jelly .. sigh …

  14. Might as well throw my Mate 20 in the garbage.
    It's worthless now.

  15. Well i would rather have the lite version of Android because that means google can’t spy on me as much so I’m gonna got a Huawei if they use android lite

  16. The only thing confirmed yet is NSA spy, ask Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff … Stealing ip is laughable, things a college student knew 20 years ago, this whole thing is to delay China because their 5g is 3 or more years ahead

  17. huawei foldable phone? dead before entering production.

  18. Hope Google will fall apart someday soon.

  19. It all boils down to one simple thing. Which of course we all know. Trump is a cunt.

  20. No one will spend money to buy a stone ! It is good to see Trump to get rid of this evil enterprise !

  21. Please check out the ZTE axon 10 Pro………….

  22. meh flash gapps problem solved

  23. huawei develops its own OS
    google: surprise pikachu face

  24. Does it mean, if I do not get updates of my android… Will it slow down?

  25. Yes! I can finally get a phone without all of Android's bloatware and incessant popups and reminder to open the video or link with their app instead of from the browser!

  26. I think it's time to boycott America's arrogant arrogance

  27. Yanks are the real commies… Capitalism my ass lol . from now on I will ONLY buy Huawei and Chinese products and never a single American one PS cutting my subs and usage from american services to minimum till an alternative shows up. there will be millions like me.

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