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Huawei BAN erklärt !!!

Google hat Huawei wegen Trumps schwarzer Liste und "Handelskrieg" mit China von seinen Android-Diensten ausgeschlossen. Aber was bedeutet das für Huawei-Telefone und -Kunden? Abonnieren Sie weitere ►►►

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Vom Wächter weiter erklärt:

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  1. Why didn't you mention the fact that as of May 2019, there's still NO EVIDENCE provided by the US government that Huawei devices and networks have a back door nor Huawei has been spying via their devices?

  2. When is the mate x available to buy

  3. Great Video, I loved it 🙂

  4. I planned to buy huawei because one old one is was using is extra good but am confused as to the rumors I heard.meaning I can't used Google YouTube and other stuffs?

  5. Threats from Chinese products

  6. Americans are liar. lied 2012 espionage as well. Shane Todd.

  7. When will huawei been banned

  8. Facebook is also leaks soo much personal data yet they say it's a mistake how that's not mistake then why your providing your app. People who don't their personal data should be leak.
    trump is jealous of CHINA
    China can do much better then apple
    Apple is just a famous company.
    That's the fuck'in reason.

  9. Huawei is much better then apple us is jealous of china even I'm also using huawei but it's not a joke huawei can develop their own software those people's who are proud to be using apple phones but huawei is much better these fake news can't beat Huawei.
    Fuck apple 🖕

  10. Backdoor or not is not too much related to this issue,
    think in this way, when all equipment for infrastructure on single manufacturer, this might be a danger ticking bomb for a country which all 5G network related product connected to them.
    Once they shutdown the supply or little backdoor tweak, whole nation wide system down. this can be a very big issue for two big rivals in the world.

    US admit they lost the first place in 5G but china also need to admit that most of the country still not believe in china government in spying or stealing IP or country like sri lanka.

  11. I hope they will create their own os like oneplus did with oxygen os

  12. China: Makes tons of Huawei

    America: Bans Huawei

    China: Am I a joke to you?

  13. I have a doubt. why all are trolling Apple gets jealous on Huawei. US governmnt & google banned Huawei..My Question is What Apple has done to huawei.?

  14. great video bro … very well explained

  15. Dis gay mofo wears makeup?!,? Wtf is this

  16. Well it's just got even worse huawei now cannot use micro sd cards in their new smartphones. Whats next the company that supplys gorrilla glass to them say your new phones cant use our gorrilla glass. Huawei are cut off!

  17. Still buying the P30 Pro and F(_)CK the system ! Hauwei will OverCome

  18. Great Video mate! Will you do another Watch collection video? 🙂

  19. I just got one (stupid me) in going to swap it with a s10 I think

  20. supersaf rocking it again!

  21. If huawei is successful in transition to its own os…oppo, vivo, xiaomi and the rest may follow suit. Half the world could be on that platform.

  22. China may respond with export ban of rare earth materials to the U.S.

  23. The bottom line is Huawei is making Android phones that are half the price of iPhones and Samsung simples

  24. This the real face of US government. Hahaha.
    Freedom? Democracy? Human rights? All are bullshit !

  25. But what is happen for the phones that already exist like the "old" mate 20 pro? Will it still have google and gmail, and is it just the future phones that will not have google?

  26. A guy without an idea wants to explain hahahahaha. Dude pls delete your channel or stop doing such videos. Video was helpful? Wtf you owe me 7 mins of my life, stupid mf. Why did i click on this sht….

  27. This is a set back for Huawei, but eventually they will come out on top – it is just a matter of time.
    Americans are envious and therefore intent on blocking Huawei 5G development even if it means playing dirty.
    To GOOGLE: If you did not have serious competition until now, it is coming in a big way and you have youself to blame.

  28. No backdoors have been found on Huawei devices in the world, but Europe has found 10 backdoors on Cisco devices to monitor the world.

  29. We have lost faith in Google due to the hawawei ban/In America and Google, where Apple iPhones help

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