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Huawei Ban – Was wir wissen und was sich geändert hat!

Auf Pocketnow Daily haben wir mehr Informationen zum Huawei-Verbot und was Sie jetzt sollten. Die optischen 5-fach- und 10-fach-Zoomsensoren von Samsung sind bereit für ein mysteriöses Telefon, das in der zweiten Hälfte des Jahres 2019 erhältlich sein wird. Apple hat gerade ein Update für das MacBook Pro 2018 mit 6 und 8 Kernen herausgebracht. Wir beenden die heutige Show mit Angeboten für freigeschaltete Galaxy S10s bei eBay.

All dies und mehr nach der Pause.

– Die USA treten einen Schritt zurück, um die Huawei-Beschränkungen vorübergehend aufzuheben

– So hat sich Huawei auf das Schlimmste vorbereitet

– Die neue optische 5-fach-Zoom-Kamera von Samsung ist für Smartphones bereit

– Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro gehen offiziell mit Quad-Kameras

– Apple stellt neues 8-Core MacBook Pro mit aktualisierter Tastatur vor

Preissenkungen bei der Dual-SIM-Serie Galaxy S10 bei eBay – S10e (520 USD), S10 (600 USD), S10 + (700 USD)

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  1. No if Huawei is smart they should use their own MOS, you could say that trump's intuition is right, and trump's Google has security issues for China and the rest of the world.

  2. Sitting next to u in the train right now.

  3. It looks like Huawei ban is cancel by none other then the clown himself

  4. Huawei thrives in Mainland China without any Google services (Besides the OS of Android). Once they are ready they will launch some phones with their in-house OS, no doubt.

  5. Since android is actually open source, i vote some os that similiar to android. And allowed to use same apk from google play cause that way app creator will support it. Well all we can do is wait.

  6. I hope Huawei make a os.

  7. Okay , Change Your Phone
    Every 90 Days

  8. This will be the end of Huawei in the west and that is for the best for the costumers. Hopefully the rest of the manufacturers won't do the software as bad as Huawei did.

  9. If the big 3 Chinese OEMs Huawei, Xiaomi and BKK/OPPO/VIVO leave Android and start their own OS they would immediately become the biggest mobile OS.

    Apps that can run on the new OS will run and apps that cannot will be updated quickly by developers to chase the biggest market. Google will make its apps available as well if it want to have access to those customer just like iOS users. The game is far from over

  10. What about Samsung are they going to get banned?

  11. New OS or not it doesn't matter if they can't access google playstore.

  12. Huawei's future is promising.

  13. Huawei os will be the best just like there phones. All of the competition are scared and jealous looking at the success and profits this company is making.

  14. I root for their success, but Samsung couldn't do it. I hope they have better luck.

  15. It's time the market steps away from android , this situation displays how quickly a manufacturer can be effected by Google's whims. It's time we move towards a pure (debian, arch) Linux based mobile os.

  16. Lol trump issue a national emergency to fight 1 China company and yet he can’t win …. shame on u trump ….🤣

  17. Huawei can always sell the parts and chips to other phone brands and just rebrand there products. There's always a loop hole.

  18. Eh no. Why? Developers! Developers! Developers!

  19. New OS is a good thing, US companies Cannot be trusted, who knows the next ban will be Samsung or other china phone company?
    Then we forced to keep changing phone? Fxxk U US!

  20. excited about huawei os.

  21. Your the best of the best

  22. the future OS is coming at this Autumn !!!!

  23. Without Google services an Android Huawei phone doesn't make sense… YouTube is way too popular. Huawei will debut their new OS and drop a TikTok on YouTube.

  24. The real question is how much Apple stock does Trump own.

  25. Breaking news Huawei developed a new os called ' cyborg ' 😂

  26. Huawei deserves that ban since they are a security risk to the United States. All the company does is copy and steal from Apple and their smartphones really do spy on people.

  27. an apple a day keep the doctor HUAWEI…

  28. Trump is an absolute retard.

  29. Huawei OS, I am here for this

  30. ARM is doing the same to Huawei with the CPU licence….

  31. No more Mate X foldable for me this year then 🙁

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