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Huawei Banned – Keine Android- oder Google-Dienste mehr auf Huawei-Handys

Ärger für Huawei und Honour Phones wie America und Google verbieten Huawei Phones und Handys, was bedeutet, dass Android auf Huawei Phones oder Google Services und Playstore nicht mehr, was für ein Dramaalert

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  2. I want to sell my phone … 😠😠😠😠

  3. I have a Huawei mate 20 lite, when Huawei will be banned I can use Gmail and YouTube?

  4. Another tech illiterate who thinks he can pose as tech expert on YouTube. 😂

  5. Will it affect old phones

  6. Will I still be able access YouTube and Gmail on my huawei y7.

  7. why are they banning Hawaii?? HAHAHA

  8. I wonder if other Chinese products (phones, TV's ) produced in China also will end without google support?

  9. Huawei lost 50% without google ;((

  10. Huawei is already using only their Android fork called EMUI or Emotion os.

  11. If I was the Chinese I would ban imidiatly the manufacturing of the apple products… IPhone would defanatly colaps like a pack of cards…

  12. Will the p30pro still have the Android devices just not the future huawei phones?

  13. ironic as i saw a huawei ad today

  14. Now i am totally buying Huawei.

  15. Very informative video DOC. Much appreciated. Keep the content coming. Have a great night

  16. Thanks for the video Chris. I don’t plan on getting one of their phones anyway whether President Trump bans them or not.

  17. Actually you are completely wrong. It stopped me hitting that subscribe button because I expect that the people I subscribe to will know what they're talking about. It doesn't go back to America v China trade, it actually goes back further to 2015 when the German cyber security agency G Data found hidden malicious data collection in the firmware of Huawei, ZTE (also banned), Xiaomi and Lenovo plus another bunch of less well known Chinese devices. Expect Lenovo and Xiaomi to be targets soon too. Here, you can all read about it. Don't blame the USA…. Other countries have already banned Huawei equipment too for 5g infrastructure .Here it is, read it, and revise your video if you want to be credible. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theepochtimes.com/spy-software-found-pre-installed-on-lenovo-huawei-and-xiaomi-smartphones_1748900.html/amp

  18. The US has been accusing China of using the Huawei platform to obtain information serendipitously (spying) even before the Thump was prez. This is somewhat hypocritical since the US spies on its own people. Nevertheless, I assume the Chinese government has its tentacles in Huawei just like any other large Chinese business entity.

  19. I have the huawei p20 pro no change yet

  20. Huawei 🤣🤣 that's in America ain't it?

  21. Neva use Huawei perhaps may look into huawei phone now guess America is gonna suffer now cause all clothes TV's Android boxes and such are all either buy or made in China..keep it Squiffy

  22. Good explanation doc my next phone will be the Huawei p30 pro so will be interesting to see what happens

  23. I have never used any of their phones. This is insane. Thank you for the information Doc

  24. Stop saying Hawaii! 🤣

  25. It's wuah-wei not Hawaii bro

  26. Squiff is a trump supporter

  27. 57 and never had a Cell phone – had a Car phone in the 80s , android boxes plenty . and a fire HD 8

  28. I'm using Huawei p10 lite last 19 month
    Can I still used it

  29. Thanks for the update Doc.

  30. i have an HUAWEI mobile rooter

  31. Is my honor 8x(android pie updated already) get the next software update 9.1 global version??

  32. Good news. It about time we took action against Huawei.

  33. No never owned any,Thank you for the info.😊

  34. This is so fucking stupid I bought my phone expecting Android update for 2 years and Google goes ahead and does this fuck Huawei and fuck Google

  35. Doc, this is turning in to a big mess thanks.👍👍👍

  36. President trump wants shooting for throwing a tantrum all because Huawei are better business minded than him and Google should tell him where to run and jump

  37. It's not removed just not getting updated anymore . But will get security updates.And no.more new.pbones from them with android

  38. Is this going to spread to other Chinese devices?

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