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Huawei Banned – Keine Android-Updates, Nr. 5G | Intel & Qualcomm Ban

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  1. Im already affected of ban my huaweii youtube and playstore are not connecting anymore

  2. Read “Death by China”, you will understand why Trump did that. It is trade war between USA and China. It is not just the case of huawei. Btw china has already banned all google service for many years, then their phone makers shouldnt use google’s android anymore ! Its just fair.

  3. I feel bad Acha brand hai Huawei. ..

  4. Amazing sir ❤️❤️
    Me na PubG ka liya Honer play lana wala tha 15k ma kay me mugha youtube ka liya video banani thi
    Kay me la lu
    Ya koy aur smartphone lu plZ🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Time to move US China to India.

  6. Huaweis latest 5g signal equipment, it's latest folding smart phone and its flagship laptop represent something very worrying for the west!
    For the first time since the industrial revolution a nation of non european decent has taken the technological lead.
    Japan and South Korea have also taken the lead in the past but they are strongly alligned with USA.
    If India wants to be a world leader in technology, it should take notes and learn from this. Will India be allowed to get ahead? Or will protectionism and a sense of Western imperialism hold it back like China is being pinned back?

  7. Huawei is bane then let others stupid company like vivo oppo mi one plus gionee lenovo should be banned too
    Am i right or wrong

  8. The US Government doesn't represent the world, the US acts like mafia and they are very rude, they are trying to destroy a very tech giant in a real unfair methods, i wish Huawei will win this war, I'm really very disappointed and sad, i truly hate the US from deep inside !!!!!!

  9. Realme to indian hai company?

  10. Sir huawei ki sales US me Already band thi, abhi to blacklist bhi kardiya baki jagaho me sales jada hai

  11. Galt kaam ka Galt Matija
    Edit: PURA comment main Bata dena

  12. Muje to Redmi & Realme smartphone use karne Che bhi Dar lagta hai 🤣🤣🤣😅

  13. To ab honour k phone lene chahiye ya nahi mujhe play kharidna hai kya kru btaoo plzzzz

  14. Main Honor 10 lite Lene ki soch Raha thaa……Amit bhai help me .. purchase or shift to another mobile company

  15. Ladies and Gentlemen of Every corner of the World…
    American products bhi van karna suru karo. ( Let's Start baned the American products also).

  16. Us ke pate ge or apple ke b Huawei hal nikal legi

  17. Us -bans Huawei
    China-bans Apple
    Samsung- it's clear enough 😁

  18. Agar huawei accha phone aur os layegi toh chal sakti hai warna sorf china tak rhe jayegi

  19. You made me happy by sharing this information but saddened for Huawei stuff.

  20. India Main Sirf MANDIR MASJID hi Bana Payege Bas 🤪🤪🤪

  21. It is a part of International Politics……😓😓😓😓😓

  22. Huawei is already banned in US…

  23. If the Google service is closed on Huawei then what happened in honor device

  24. It just because of Trade War Between America & China Trump Shit ✌️

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