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Huawei besteht darauf, bei Android zu bleiben?

Bei Pocketnow Daily scheint Huawei bei Android zu bleiben, anstatt ein eigenes Betriebssystem zu verwenden. Sony arbeitet an einem sehr interessanten rollbaren Smartphone. Neue Darstellungen von Google Pixel 4 zeigen uns die Vorderseite des Telefons. Wir haben neue Displayschutzlecks des Galaxy Note 10, die nichts Neues anzeigen. Berichten zufolge hat Apple Samsung 680 Millionen US-Dollar für das noch nicht abgeschlossene Geschäft gezahlt. Wir beenden die heutige Show mit Deals für das 9.7in iPad bei Amazon.

All dies und mehr nach der Pause.

– Huawei Hongmeng OS / Ark OS ist ein letzter Ausweg, hat keinen Zeitplan

– Vergessen Sie faltbare Smartphones, Sony arbeitet an einem rollbaren Smartphone

– Neue Google Pixel 4 XL-Renderings zeigen große Stirn- und Bottom-Firing-Lautsprecher

– Galaxy Note10 Displayschutzfolien durchgesickert, bestätigen frühere Gerüchte

– Bericht: Apple zahlte Samsung 680 Millionen US-Dollar für fehlende Display-Zielbestellungen

– 100 US-Dollar für das 9,7-Zoll-iPad von Apple, 128-GB-Modell jetzt 329 US-Dollar

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  1. Just wondering? How come one chin is "HUGE" on one phone (as I recall the next iPhone) but same size or even bigger on the Sony phone in this episode is "insignificant"??

  2. Huawei is just fine tuning their OS and will still roll it out regardless. They got burned once and won't be caught with their pants down again.

  3. Wth is wrong with huawei? Seems like they haven't learnt their lesson

  4. I think Huawei should keep Hongmeng OS in work. I think it is at high risk to launch a whole New OS to their flagship lineup. If they want to launch Hongmeng they should slowly try to launch it in a separate lineup so People can choose if they want it or not. As Long as Android works and they can have it on their Phones they should stick to it.

  5. China is treating foreigner as Trash because of huawei? CCP starts cleaning foreign trash movement. arrest foreign teachers in Chinese cities, people here should help pals arrested in China

  6. Remember Samsungs OS? Huawei will be ready when the market is.

  7. Put Hongmeng OS on the androidless version that they use on China… Put android on everything else.

  8. What happened to your nail, dude?

  9. According to Hua Wei's CEO Ren, Hong Meng is designed for IoT, not for cell phone because of lack mobile system like Google's map, play store, google search engine, U tube, etc. They are happy working with Google as Google appears to be able to continue supplying Hua Wei with Android. Hong Meng will definitely be out later, but will be competing with Google's next OS for IoT, Fuchsia.

  10. Huawei will hold the "HDC 2019 – Huawei Developer Convention" on 9th July 2019 in China. Are you gonna go there? They may released the "Hongmeng" OS on the convention.

  11. I think huawei still developing their os event they can use android. With they own os, it can optimize kirim soc.

  12. What? I went out and deliberately bought a HUAWEI on the hope they would ditch android and google.

  13. 2 things;
    Operating system sucks but fast or
    They lying

  14. The pixel camera design looks like this emoji " 😮"

  15. This might be an idea for Huawei, make Hongmeng OS but also have Android OS so you can choose which OS you want to run, a bit like running windows on a Apple Mac swap In between OS.

  16. They should have both

  17. not related to this video but i think android need to improve its os storage requirement cos its really consuming too much memory its rather bad compare to ios storage requirement

  18. I think it's a good idea because of security reasons and privacy

  19. Huawei should take its sweet time, polish its OS, but definitely release it a year or two from now.

  20. They never really had a working OS. It was a lie.

  21. Stop overrating products until you guys get a hold on it like the Samsung foldable phone…

  22. Apple joking with that high prices they ask for. Sure they will not sell anything. Who cares to buy xs max with double price of s10+ 🤣

  23. After all, are we trusting the US based Android again… ???

    Come on Huawei… let them not understimate us… ✌

  24. where can I get your shirt!!!!!

  25. Do you naive simpletons actually believed Huawei had a finished, working and competitive OS just lying around? Boy do I have a bridge to sell to you….

  26. With regards to:
    I believe that's a political Chess move or a Mortal Kombat/Streets of Rage. Block Block Comply then ATTACK with a Flawless Victory…
    Marques Brownlee informed me off this phone with the crazy zoom, never paid it no mind until months afterwards and the ban…. Then my eyes opened up to it…..
    Mmmmmm S-note 9 or Who-are-we……
    It's like choosing between a large pebble and a nice sized stone. I am swaying more to the note as it has that note book and I always seem to be jotting stuff down in books……
    Keep the video tapes coming….
    Big up all the way from south east London England!

  27. Cheapest I can find a 9.7" 128gb wifi only ipad in this country is $610.

  28. Jaime I needyour help and I want this needs to be made public, Samsung fools me. I send a phone in trade in and they did not give me the trading in value, they did not return my phone either. I called then and they told me they could not return my own phone. I feel cheated and abused. Helppppp

  29. It's called coke Jamie !!!

  30. Huawei will continue to develop and perfect Hongmeng and launch it when it's fully ready.

  31. We need more OS competitors. I wish Linux distributions were officially supported on mobile without needing custom sorcery. I'd leave google in a heartbeat. Apple's closed ecosystem is not an option for me.

  32. Companies building there own OS is a shot in the foot for sales. Look at the Fire Phone. Windows 10 Mobile. Samsung Tizen? Its a waste of time and resources.

  33. Huawei is a major player in the mobile phone market (not for westerners) thus sticking to what their consumers use and invested in (google services) is what they consider best right now

  34. I agree with the co-chareman of Huawei. It should be a last resord only if they get ban from the US again. The reason why is that Samsung released android phones and phones with Samsung's OS back in 2011. And as we all know, Samsung only makes android phones in 2019.

  35. Please huawei , bring the ´google services´ free android, you won’t regret it

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