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Huawei Update: Mate X VERZÖGERT, Hongmeng OS BESTÄTIGT!

Huawei bestätigte auf Pocketnow Daily, dass das Betriebssystem Hongmeng bereits in China getestet wird. Wir haben Lecks des Google Pixel 4 in freier Wildbahn. Das Mate X wurde von Huawei nur verzögert, um vorsichtiger vorzugehen. Wir haben einen Zeitplan für die Einführung der heißesten Telefone dieses Jahres. Das Galaxy S10 5G wird im Juni auf dem Weg zum Sprint sein. Wir beenden die heutige Show mit Deals für das neue iPad Airs bei Amazon.

All dies und mehr nach der Pause.

– Huawei bestätigt Pläne zur Einführung eines eigenen alternativen Android-Betriebssystems

– Huawei verzögert den Start des faltbaren Mate X nach einem Ausfall des Galaxy Fold

– Huawei verzögert angesichts des Samsung Galaxy Fold-Debakels das Zusammenlegen von Mate X vorsichtig

– Pixel 4 wurde bereits in realen Tests vor der Kamera aufgenommen

– Galaxy Note10 im August, iPhone 11 im September, Pixel 4 im Oktober

– Das Galaxy S10 5G startet am 21. Juni in den Sprint

– Neue Amazon-Tiefststände für das neueste iPad Air von Apple mit 40 US-Dollar Rabatt

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  1. Hongmeng is still Android

  2. Fresh competition is welcome… The smartphone giants where sleeping.

  3. would like to see more on this topic. 🙂

  4. The obvious answer is to have a backdoor in case of. And that's what Huawei did with Hongmeng /Oak OS. This is going to create new opportunities, success guaranteed 😎👊

  5. Can Huawei Be A US Company Just To Be Part Of The Android Community ? Can They Just Move ? 😅

  6. Oppo and Huawei handset is affordable. I recent just help my gf to get a set of Oppo it seems great and compare the price with iPhone. All i can say is iPhone is just another overrated product with front and back low megapixel camera. Price is always double or triple of others handset. Currently i'm using iPhone Xs, looking forward my next handset gonna be Oppo or Huawei. Anyway is good to have a great competitor to against apple and google. if without a great competitor, This year the iPhone cost about $1,300 and next year gonna be $1,500 following the year fetch up to $2,000 and higher price. Easy profit from Apple iPhone

  7. Huawei has been researched their own OS hongmeng for so many years just in case the kind of situation happened right now. This information came from CCTV News.

  8. Yes Jaime, Google should figure out a way to work with a company that is spying on other countries including ours for China

  9. You've got to wonder how company can undercutting all it's rivals by 60+ % to gain market share! I don't hear much mention of this.

  10. Hongmeng will be really good for the tech community. I hope Samsung is learning from this unfortunate experience with Huawei.

  11. Yes, smartphone OS market needs fresh blood, and. Huawei is a few capable companies that can push out new OS

  12. This move to ban Huawei has changed the way the tech industry does business whether the ban is lifted or not. The idea that the US government can weaponize US suppliers has rattled the global supply chain and it would be foolhardy for Huawei to leave that threat hanging over their heads. Look for China to also invest in domestic chip & other component development. US tech industry will end up the big losers when they lose the Chinese market access.

  13. Huawei is delaying Mate X because of new OS. Huawei can’t sell Mate X with Android.

  14. I'm looking forward for new Huawei's phone then I will say goodbye to fb youtube and Google!

  15. We know you don't like the square camera modules we've heard it over and over and over and over again , we get it 🙉

  16. It's not going to run any operating system because it's never going to launch, foldable phones are rip

  17. In 2012 a foldable phone came out and none of you idiots gave two shots about it, it's not the future. 5G and everything 5G has to offer to your phone is the future!

  18. Listen stupid people stop with the foldable phones that shit is never going to take off. And there's a reason why in 2012 it didn't go anywhere either

  19. Huawei, Huawei and Huawei are everywhere in the news. Since the evil Americunt started to pinch down Huawei using the dirtiest trick, not a single week or day there is without news about Huawei.

    Before, I am not particular keen on China affairs since I am not a Chinese or anything related to China. And I don't know Huawei ether, but after reading what the evil United Snake loser claimed they are a world superpower has done to a company, a country, note, not a country, Huawei like a mafia and big bully extorting very unreasonably have made me think this company must be really something. I've started to read news of Huawei and my interests about Huawei have grown. In fact, I've also changed my iphone to Huawei phone recently and believe it is far better phone than all the other brands that I have used before. In fact, I don't even know Huawei much before, but now Huawei seem to be the so popular in the world. And I will continue to support Huawei from now and also convincing my family members, friends, colleagues and relatives to try Huawei if they need to buy the next handphone.

  20. Competition always good, technology should be shared to the world but not become weapon.
    Android will fall.

  21. Instead of the stove design, these companies should do something like the headband design from the Nexus 6P. Fit those cameras next to each other in a row instead of all around a square.

  22. Should ban google. Stop hijacking the world by the Americunts

  23. Because Huawei is made in China, I will never buy this phone.

    1. China is organ harvesting political opponents.
    2. China is not willing to do anything about North Korea.
    3. China is making many developing countries come into eternal debt.
    4. China is bullying Taiwan in the South China Sea to dubiously claim territory.
    5. China buys all the property in western countries.
    6. China support Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, even though Maduro is a tyrant and unpopular.

  24. huawei should launch success or not at least there is a new operating system for comparison , in fact all companies should be working more on OS then just adding a higher pixel camera or better display when launching a new product

  25. Well, better late than never. Huawei should delay their foldable phone and better next year because:

    1. America might ban Huawei entirely.
    2. HongMeng OS a.k.a. OakOS should have advanced version for foldable phones and tablets. Like what Apple did to iPadOS which is iPad exclusive version of iOS with advanced features.
    3. Wait for foldable glass technology from glass companies especially from Corning. Yes, it's happening but it takes time to make glass flexible and durable on the right as possible.

  26. Samsung folding phone is a Big problem so it pays to be cautious to rollout similar products. Hongmeng makes sepnse in China where it can sync across all devices like PC, eCar, TC and all sorts of AIs.

  27. Huawei should do a joint venture products with Russian Aurora OS and all the chinese top companies (one plus, xiaomi , oppo) to improve on Hong Meng an work together. there is power in numbers and completely dump android and google, youtube and facebook. and slowly work their way up. im looking forward for this and cant wait to try the new OS.

  28. Mate x released earlier than the US embargo, it can use Android and update. Mate 30 5g will have ARK OS.🤗

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