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Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Review- 469 US-Dollar Wide Gamut Pen Monitor

Lisa Gade stellt den Huion Kamvas Pro 16 aus dem Jahr 2019 vor, einen 15,6-Zoll-IPS-Stiftmonitor mit laminiertem, matt geätztem Glas und großem Farbraum. Das sind Funktionen, die Sie normalerweise nur bei viel teureren Wacom Cintiq Pro-Modellen sehen, aber der Kamvas Pro 16 (GT156) kostet 469 US-Dollar. Es verfügt über 8K-Stiftdruckstufen, unterstützt das Neigen und wird mit einem batterielosen Stift geliefert. Der Zeichnungs- (und Notizbild-) Monitor deckt in unseren Tests 120% von sRGB und 88% von Adobe RGB ab. Das Stift-Display ist mit Windows- und Mac-Computern kompatibel. Wir zeigen auch die Kamvas 16 (nicht Pro), die etwas billiger ist, aber einen geringeren Farbumfang hat. Der Zeichnungsmonitor richtet sich an angehende Künstler, Bildbearbeiter und Nachbearbeiter sowie an 3D-Renderer.
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  1. Brads review of the Kamvas Pro 22 tells what the quality of huion really is, Considering the Kamvas 22 is 900$ it should have zero compromise but its just aint wacom performance yet. Just horibble for line art.

  2. Does the brightness hurt the eyes

  3. how is it when compared with the xp pen 15.6 artist pro? which do u think is better?

  4. Can you please review the new Asus Vivobook S15 (s532 with the screenpad) next?

  5. Right. On as always you do a great job!

  6. Do they have any drawing tablets that don't require a PC or mac and has it's own operating system?

  7. Aww this is a very affordable Wacom alternative! Probably need a wider gamut for print though, right?

  8. I want a 15.6 inch ipad pro SO bad.

    I would buy this if there was some kind of “journal” or note taking feature as well.

  9. I got it for $351 on amazon prime deals, I can't wait to get my hands on it this Friday! It has a better screen than Wacom's cintiq 16 but the pen is a little worse which is not a problem for me because it's my first pen display and I'm sure I'll have more accurate lines than a regular pen tablet because there's always some disconnect caused by not being able to look where I put the pen down. Edit: You gotta have this! Like Lisa said the build quality is pretty good, you can get very nice lines on it, colors are decent but needs a little tweaking and I don't think you should buy cintiq 16 because this one's cheaper and has less parallax. But don't download the first driver because it had a cursor offset even when its calibrated which scared me but the Beta driver works just fine.

  10. Please review the new DELL XPS 13 2-in-1 2019 model with i7 1065 G7 1TB 32GB!

  11. Thank you so much Lisa for your reviews. I am a long-standing gardener now using my experience to move over into garden design, I have been trying to discover a drawing tablet that I could use outside even in full sun, only for drawing black-line sketches and recording measurements. At least that is my present priority. I need a 20 to 22 inch screen. And the other issue is money. I can stretch to £300, $400, at the moment and am happy to buy second hand. Is there a simple answer to this search?
    I've gone through a few models in the search (I actually bought a second hand HP Envy x360, but I'm going to have to sell it – can't see a dang thing on it outdoors!) XP-Pen Artist 22 was looking good until I saw the screen was glossy. Now Huion Kamvas Pro 20 or 22 are looking good (do they both have matte screens?), but out of my range right now moneywise. Thank you so much if you have a few moments to give me a couple of suggestions. Or if I just have to save up to get the right model, so be it 😁.

  12. Great review Lisa !! I can't wait for the next one.

  13. You know a lot for an old fellow

  14. Hi Lisa can you do a review on Lg gram 14 (one with the pen) 2019. I am curious about the pen and the screen. Performance is important too. Maybe you can do a review of the new xp-pen tablet? I love your videos! Please keep making videos. Have a good day !

  15. Was waiting for this review 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Hey there. Can you please do a review of Blackview A60 Pro please. I love your stuff 💜

  17. Interesting review. Wacom or this? According to others (some very respected artist reviewers) this pen is as good as the Wacom and the device itself is the better one. Your experience is a bit different….. lot's to consider.

  18. I really wanted someone to show it next to a laptop and next to a wacom 16. Thank very much. Helps me decide what 2 buy

  19. Not saying your other reviews are not good just, for whatever reason, I really liked this one. Ty

  20. What should i get wacom or that?

  21. Please do more pen monitor reviews please. It's really interesting for artists.

  22. Would you guys say that that Adobe RGB coverage would be enough for photo editing, or the step up to a cintiq 22 be necessary?

  23. I like your reviews. I am normally on unbox therapy or mbkhd but I think they are biased to the products the review. Great work 👍

  24. Please review New dell vostro 15 3580 laptop…about it's build quality

  25. Good work Lisa !.. 👍 💖 🕊 … as usual !.. Thanks for your videos ! 😘

  26. Great review.
    I'm waiting on the model that connects with only one USB-C cable, no power adapter or additional video connection.

  27. i've got its younger brother the gt133 and i honestly love it.

  28. No VESA? No mention of it? If it doesn't have VESA support, no sale. How is it a "pro" model without that. Good for IPS color gamut but that's about it.

  29. OOOH! This was really cool! Loved the comparison to the Wacom and T490(s?)! Really killer review, as always! Loved it! (That's a really pretty couple of pictures, btw!)

  30. Am I the only one who's waiting on the lenovo x290 ?

  31. Can you use this to annotate PowerPoint and work in One Note, also?

  32. review kamvas pro 20 2019 next!

  33. OMG!!!!
    Something about watching the drawings and your voice made me fell…all…tingly….inside 😎

  34. So, it's gonna widen your gamut…???

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