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Intel's Rocket Lake wird 10nm + Technologie bei 14nm und maximal 8 Kernen haben?

Beginnen wir mit Intel. Ihr habt vielleicht von der dummen Bewegung gehört, die sie letzte Woche durch das Aufheben des Embargos für ihre HEDT-Plattform am selben Tag wie amd's… ja, das war dumm, aber darüber möchte ich heute nicht sprechen.

Worüber ich sprechen möchte, ist die Mainstream-Desktop-Plattform. Derzeit ist ihre neueste Version die 9900KS, eine großartige 8-Kern-CPU, die heiß, zu teuer usw. ist. Danach haben wir ihre kommenden Cometlake S-basierten CPUs, die bis zu 10 Kerne umfassen sollten. Offensichtlich werden diese in der ersten Hälfte des Jahres 2020 eintreffen, aber wie geht es weiter? Sie können nur so lange auf 14 nm bleiben, und anscheinend wird das Unternehmen seinen Sub-14-nm-Prozess bis 2022 nicht für den Mainstream bereithalten, egal ob das 10 oder 7 nm sind.

Ich meine, sie könnten möglicherweise die Kernanzahl erhöhen, aber den neuesten Gerüchten zufolge planen sie dies nicht. Die Informationen stammen von momomo_US auf Twitter, und währenddessen hat er eine Reihe von Dingen von AMD und Intel erfolgreich durchgesickert. Nimm das mit einem Körnchen Salz.

Anscheinend wird Rocket Lake S, das Intel-Release 2021 sein sollte, für seine Top-End-Mainstream-Prozessoren auf maximal 8 Kerne zurückgreifen. Nun, das scheint ein Schritt zurück zu sein, und das ist es auch, aber das eigentliche CPU-Design sollte anders sein! Wenn wir uns das Leck ansehen, können wir sehen, dass die 8 Cores des Rocket Lake S eine schnellere native Speicherunterstützung und 12 Grafiken bieten, die bisher nur für die neuen Cores der Marke "Cove" von Intel verfügbar waren. Laut einer anderen Quelle auf Twitter sollte Rocket Lake auch AVX 512-Anweisungen enthalten.

Im Wesentlichen würde Intel das kommende Tiger Lake-Kerndesign, das Willow Cove bei 10 nm + sein sollte, für seinen 14-nm-Prozess verwenden. Wie Sie an der maximalen TDP von 125 W ablesen können, scheint dieses Design für einen 8-Kern-Prozessor sehr heiß zu sein. Vielleicht kostet sie dieses Design weniger in der Produktion, was wiederum die Preise der CPUs senken könnte? Ich meine, sie haben wirklich keine Wahl, bis dahin wird AMD Zen3 und möglicherweise Zen4 durchlaufen haben. Also, wenn Sie nicht gegen die Leistung kämpfen können, kämpfen Sie gegen den Preis?

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  1. omg samsung whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. No, no, no. It is two step back!

  3. The iPhone 11 camera module will start to look pretty good after the next Galaxy. lil

    Actually, it’s already good looking in person.

  4. i'm waiting for those sweet Zen 3 4000 babies hahhaa

  5. yay S11+ for 3000 Euro FU Samsung

  6. Intel could just lower cost of i7s more. I’d stay intel for that

  7. Your content is as unbiased as your approach. Many content providers bitch about being demonetised, yet only interact with donators or discord users. Keep up being neutral, ya might make a great DM one day. 😁

  8. AMD 2021 5 Nlanometer, DDR 5, and PCI Express 5.0. RYZEN 5000 with the "TRIPLE 5" package.

  9. The same old bullshit in new wrapping .. Intel billions should do better or is it a management issue .. Go red team GO ..

  10. Knowing intel making lies and deception… Hah

  11. Oh ok gotcha, sorry the title of the video was kinda unclear, so what you are saying is that they are backporting Willow Cove to 14nm for desktop CPUs, yeh a lot of people already expected this. I expected this, honestly anyone who has been paying attention for the last 3 years they should have expected this.

  12. They are not outsourcing CPU production but chip-set and other silicon.

  13. Ryzen 4000 series are gonna dry that "lake" up.

  14. Love your show, love your face, keep up the good work!

  15. its good to see AMD coming back but we should also be cheering for intel to do their best too. Then the winner is us. If AMD has no competition they will increase prices.

  16. Just got my i9-9900KF and couldn't be happier, but next time i upgrade my CPU i bet Intel is gonna end up where AMD has been in the last 15 years and just managed to get out, wich means in the trash.

  17. Intel outsource the fabrication mean its the last nail of the intel coffing…why, its a mindset change for the consumer, mean intel is not the best chip manufactory and worst if intel cant put 10nm on track for 2022 they will need outsource the entire fabrication or will be very difficult sell 14++++ nodes, because TSMC will be on 6nm or 5nm. they totally crush intel now, with new fabrication method with UV and 5nm intel cant be a contender, amd wil have 85% of the Market in 2 year. And why i predict this, the stockholder of intel will push the company to outsource production with better node for stay competitive or they stock will fall hard and with that the ability of invest on Reserch and developement. Intel will be AMD of 3 years ago.

  18. Intel is trying to get rid of node dependency. I read this couple months ago. An idea is to be able to have any type of design on any type of node which gives them flexibility. If their original 10nm design can go to 14nm node that would give them advantage. What the f. you people know. Having 20% IPC boost would definitely put their 8/16 design on par with 12/24 Ryzen design knowing that 14nm node can give them high clock speed on top of it. Imagine 40% of IPC gain it would make Ryzen 16/32 look stupid.

  19. Intel is a dead horse, they are going to be on 8 cores when AMD witll be pushing 24 cores cores in the their budget line in 2022, I love it this is what you get intel for jacking us for 4 cores for for 10 years with barely any improvement, fu intel go away for good, you can't design a modem and now you can't design or make a secure cpu and now barely any cores on 7 year old technology, great job of innovating

  20. Competition is great! We the consumer WIN!

  21. Why is it every time I build a computer with the latest everything it is obsolete one year later?

    More like, FUCK-IT Lake…

  23. Davie504 is EPIC
    I slap like on every video of yours too lol

  24. Samsung produce Intel CPU has been debunked by wccftech #cmiiw

  25. RIP in pieces Intel

    You kinda sucked anyway

  26. Why is everyone saying it’s a dumb or a shady move that Intel released on the same day as AMD???? It’s called capitalism. we live in a free country so they are free to run their business as they please. It’s just business! All businesses do stuff like that! Why would anyone even care that they did that?

  27. i9-10/11900k(8c16t)
    i7-10/11700K (8c8t)

    Is hyperthreading finally goingto be abolished? It already has been fundemantally exposed as flawed. Will they change the implementation especially sharing L2 cache? I hope so

  28. Dude, davie its a beast! And also, an awesome dude! I love how he is totally willing to help someone else get more exposure so they can, maybe, make a living of their talent, like whit Charles Berthoud, another great bassist

  29. "my penis has 9 inch technology but it's applied on a 6 inch platform"

  30. so just like zen 2 but still 14nm???? wtf you intel!

  31. I can see AMD becoming the new selfish intel in future

  32. Samsung just went full derp!

  33. Intel fighting in Pricing?
    3 years ago I'll say, that's Impossible.
    Now that's the only Intel choice if they want to compete, unless Intel plan to play shady again.
    Intel still have Sheep to milk

    Cheaper not always mean Better

    It's all about VALUE now,
    If cheaper is better people will buy Ryzen5 1600 not 3600

    2020 will be Interesting year, indeed

  34. I got so hyped thinking the other AMD GPU was the 5800 but it turned out to be the 5600 :/
    Well, Ill wait till that day 🙂

  35. I honestly don't know anyone who needs more than 8 cores

  36. "Runs SuperHot"
    Was that supposed to be a VR pun? XD If so, it was super well packaged :p

  37. I got stunned as we have the same phone and even the same red cover over my table while watching this 😀 OnePlus team

  38. did you fix the Uptade in your intro?

  39. I swear that sometimes it feels like he is saying Rocket League instead of Rocket Lake

  40. Didn't Intel already shoot down the Samsung 14nm rumor?

  41. How will you celebrate 32.768 subscribers? 😀

  42. poor Intel, they're gonna debut a 10 core in 2021 when AMD debuts a 20-24 core on mainstream.

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