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iOS users can now interact with Alexa via text

Amazon Alexa users on iOS are receiving a new feature that will let them interact with the virtual assistant by typing. The feature has been added to the Alexa app for iOS devices. It is designed to allow you to type Alexa commands rather than having to use your voice to interact with the digital assistant. Type with Alexa feature is currently rolling out to the users in the United States.

Amazon is said to have added the capability in the last few days as it was spotted by The Ambient recently. Now, a company spokesperson has confirmed the rollout of the new feature in a statement given to The Verge. Now, the Alexa users on iOS can type anything that would generally require a voice command into the app.

“Type with Alexa is a Public Preview feature available to iOS Alexa app customers allowing you to interact with Alexa without using voice, meaning everything you can currently say to Alexa can now also be typed using your Alexa mobile app. Type with Alexa is available to iOS customers in the U.S.”

Amazon spokesperson to The Verge

To access the new feature, you need to tap on the keyboard icon in the top left of the main menu in the app. The company has said that it is still testing Type with Alexa and the feature is in beta, so there could be some errors. Moreover, you’ll need to be part of the public preview program to access the new feature for Alexa on iOS.

Though, typing to interact with your digital assistant isn’t a new idea. For reference, Apple’s own virtual assistant, Siri has had the type to Siri option available since iOS 11. It lets users to type in commands rather than having to speak them aloud. Plus, Google Assistant has a similar feature as well.

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