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iPad Pro 2018 Review – Cool, teuer, überfordert, fehlt

Dies ist das 11-Zoll-iPad Pro, die kleinere Version des neuesten und besten Tablets von Apple, und wie ich kürzlich in einer Zusammenarbeit mit Super Saf erwähnt habe, meinem Lieblings-Gerät ohne Smartphone aus dem Jahr 2018. Ich weiß, dass viele von Ihnen dies beurteilen Produkt basiert darauf, wie Pro es ist und wie es Ihren Computer nicht wirklich ersetzen kann. Alle gültigen Argumente. Aber für mich geht es nicht darum, irgendetwas zu ersetzen, sondern darum, hier was zu tun herkömmliche Computer sind nicht wirklich gut darin. Ich bin Jaime Rivera mit Pocketnow und lasse mich erklären, was ich in unserer vollständigen Rezension meine.


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  1. I too agree with the camera design. It sucks! I hate taking pictures with the Ipad! Its bad and unnecessary.

  2. I have the iPad Pro 246gig I really love it but I agree what you are saying.

  3. I got the iPad pro recently..with iPad OS you can access hard disc drives…now I am using it as a laptop replacement ..😄

  4. I genuinely wanna sell my xs max and get the ipad pro….. but the person who gave it to me wont allow me to sell it! I get the iphone was never my own to begin with……

  5. I'm waiting for the 2019/20 iPad pro, if it ever arrives! 👍🏻

  6. blah blah blah thanks for watching

  7. Haha 10 months later iPad os fixed every problem you had. You can be happy now.

  8. Apple was listening to you and now we have iPadOS

  9. Reviewer: "I'm [says name quickly in Spanish]

  10. Says iPad needs iPad OS in December 2018
    Apple releases iPad OS in fall 2019

  11. Is this the review of ur face?

  12. I just got the iPad pro 11 and I LOVE IT!!! And I'm a Android user lol

  13. I personally own the 2019 iPad Air 3rd generation and am super impressed with how much I enjoy using it and how much it has actually replaced my laptop on the go!

    I use mine with the Logitech case which makes it much thicker than my HP Spectre, but it's still much smaller and lighter – not to mention the backlit keyboard is great! Definitely my favourite device to carry around!

  14. Still recommend the Apple Keyboard Folio? I am thinking to get an iPad Pro 11" for taking notes and drawing at university 🙂

  15. Fast forward 6 months, how do you feel now….?

  16. Looks like apple listened to you

  17. lacks the OLED display… and this is A BIG LACK

  18. I just realize he said "iPadOS"……..

  19. Now a laptop👍🏽 every reason not to get it over a laptop for the most part is fixed with iPadOS

  20. 5:28 Well called! Apple listened to you.

  21. you are a genius to predict that ipad os naming haha

  22. Ipad pro 2 on its way, cant wait. Although it looks slick, don't care for bezel less(practically), I like being able to have my fingers over a bezel. Also 64gb is plenty. Using it for Garage band and music/YouTube. So mostly streaming. Already have a gaming laltop and desktop. If its your only device, sure 64gb is not enough. If yiur mostly streaming then its plenty. Just my oponion though.😃

  23. Most beautiful and useless thing in the tech world

  24. I’m waiting for the 4th generation iPad Pro. This one doesn’t come in gold!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  25. Apple users: Why don't Apple products use USB-C?! It's so inconvenient. All my other devices use USB-C.
    Also Apple users: What am I going to do with all of these accessories?! It's not fair! Why did they change from a lightning connector?!

  26. Why one ever covers that it’s hard to use I pad pro in studio mode on your belly , it keeps hitting your face , also it’s hard to use it to type using the folio keyboard on your bed , all because it has no hinge to adjust . Just sits at 120 degrees all the time

  27. That's why I'm waiting for A14X bionic chip. Hehe xD That A12X are not completely perfect even the A13X.

  28. I think people need to start realising that the iPad isn’t and has never been a real computer replacement. It’s just a superior tablet that can be used for notetaking, video consumption and text editing but not much more. I love the combination of a standard, beefed up PC at home for all “serious” tasks and the iPad for everything else. Why can’t this just be a coexistent device?

  29. give me a flashable linux on it, and I will buy it

  30. You need to say your name with English accent so that it’s congruent otherwise anyone who is not Spanish speaking can’t understand your name. My two cents.

  31. Ima have to disagree It’s not overkill. The way tech changes especially with updates. Tablets tend to slow down over the course of time of ownership.

  32. Should’ve got the 12.9

  33. iPad is support any kind of Bluetooth keyboards but no support any kind of Bluetooth mouse is very disappointed, even we payed a lot of money for this iPad, so please can you tell me why ?

  34. i wanted this but they dont come in gold so im just gonna waittttt

  35. Im here with my ipad 2 from 5 years ago

  36. What strap in apple watch in your hand

  37. Remote Desktop on iPad.

  38. $1200 and you get locked into Apples ecosystem shudder

  39. I agree with everything you mentioned.

  40. Most honest and relatable review I have found, thank you…..subscribed!

  41. The best iPad Pro review on YouTube..👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾….

    I am satisfied with my iPad Air 3

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