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iPhone 11 gegen OnePlus 7T: Welches ist das BESTE Budget-Flaggschiff ?!

Sogar berühmte CEOs verspotteten Apple, weil er das erste iPhone für 500 US-Dollar und einen Zweijahresvertrag auf den Markt gebracht hatte, und sie hatten Recht. Es war eine verrückte Geldsumme, damals nach einem Telefon zu fragen. Cupertino antwortete. Sogar mit dem Erfolg des ersten iPhones starteten die nächsten Generationen bei 200 USD plus einem Zweijahresvertrag oder 650 USD, wenn Sie freigeschaltet wurden, und diese Art von Schritt gab der Branche für eine Weile das Tempo vor. Dann beschloss Google, dies mit dem Nexus 4 und 5 in Frage zu stellen, aber erst als OnePlus in die Stadt kam, wurde es aggressiv. Ihre US-Produkteinführungen sind zu neuen Fanfavoriten geworden, sodass ich mir vorstellen möchte, dass sie die Nadel so weit bewegt haben, dass sogar Apple aufwacht.

Das Ergebnis? Dies ist das iPhone 11, das derzeit meistverkaufte iPhone von Apple, und erst das zweite Mal, dass das Unternehmen eine Reihe mit einem Preisverfall durchläuft. Dies ist der OnePlus 7T, ein Beispiel dafür, wie selbst der neue Schrittmacher einen Schritt zurücktreten und das Wesentliche zu einem günstigeren Preis nageln kann. Im Moment ist das 7T 100 US-Dollar günstiger als das iPhone 11, die Frage ist also, welches Gerät bietet Ihnen mehr für Ihr Geld? Ich bin Jaime Rivera mit Pocketnow und das ist iPhone 11 gegen OnePlus 7T.


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  1. In terms of performance are they the same? Im using s7 edge and im thinking of buying iphone next for its performance and software update. Is op7t good for gaming? Like no issues on touch sensing?

  2. in India price of new iphone 11 (64 GB model) is US$907 while an oneplus 7t 128 GB (with 8 GB RAM) cost $490 and I bought it for $440 after discount.

  3. Lol the OnePlus 7T is 799$ in Canada🙄

  4. Specs don't convert to material in android . Apple gives a better experience longer

  5. Apple supports their phones for like 4 yrs (4 updates and more), and android only gives 2 updates.

  6. Budget and Apple in one word? u have to be kidding me

  7. OnePlus is a Chinese brand and manufactured in China. I’m Chinese on mainland China and I don’t even use OnePlus. I use iPhones.

  8. I have always been a android user and my first ever phone was a android infact it was a second hand one plus one

  9. I bought the oneplus7t being a OnePlus fan.
    However I still prefer my oneplus5 a better All rounder in my opinion
    Also 'Signal' messenger app will not work on the 7t whereas it does on the oneplus5. I assume it's Todo with the cryptography involved as the 'loki' messenger app also fails to work making the 7t poor for privacy

  10. Sorry but iPhone 11 isn't a budget phone. Except amoled screen it has everything the same like it's successors. Whereas , one plus ( the chinese ) is absolutely a budget phone. Hence , no comparison.

  11. Step out of your market and then you will realize how different the price points are.
    In india the 7T retails for $489 the iphone 11 is $908 now tell me which makes more sense as per value…..?

  12. How in the hell have you not mentioned the 90 Hz from the 7t?

  13. Except that OnePlus steals your information and sells them to Chinese hackers. My phone number, Paypal, email and bank accounts were hacked a month after I received an email from OnePlus about a data breach…and the hacker was based in Taiwan.

  14. Am the man fan of iPhone but now thinking about 1+

  15. I would definitely go with the OnePlus 7T as I am an Android user… Really amazed with what OnePlus has achieved in giving it's customers value for their money…

  16. Let me say something, The 4k vedio has been enhanced it can be turned of in the settings🥱

  17. Well I mean I would choose the iPhone 11 in red cuz I flipping have one ! 😂🤟

  18. Iphone is always KING OF THE KING in many smartphones!!

  19. Since when did apple have a budget phone? Lols dream on

  20. 5:08 me, a fellow OnePlus user, living only less than 10 minutes from the Apple headquarters, and having so many of my friends’ parents work at Apple—

  21. actually, apple doesn’t do really good on software updates on older phones. my friend has an iPhone 6s Plus, and she can’t get iOS 13. this is how Apple gets you to buy more phones, btw. slow down the software on older phones, make the new phones seem more appealing.

  22. did you know: most people buy apple because it’s what they always buy, from the start, and judge Andriod phones without even actually using one. sure, they may have before apple, but now, it’s a completely different story. if all apple users were to be forced to buy (or use) and Andriod device, I’m sure many people will ditch Apple and use Andriod, because overall, it’s honestly better than Apple.

  23. the only time i will ever see my city in a video – for apple 🤦🏻‍♀️

  24. Watching from my OnePlus 7t .upgraded from an s7 edge and loving it 😬

  25. Iphone has the fastest gaming chip compare the gaming capabilities of both

  26. Well this isn't a budget phones anymore!!! Sad reality!!

  27. Apple is far better den android on the planet …

  28. Biased vedio. I phone camera is poor camera. Even my old pixel 2 XL is better than i phone 11 pro camera

  29. If you pay $700 for a phone with an 820p LCD display then you are not just getting ripped off, you are getting ripped to shreds.

  30. Oneplus did better on every aspect but you always want to say that iShit does better

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