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Ist das das Ende von Huawei?

Huawei hat seine Android-Lizenz von Google aufgrund kürzlich von der US-Regierung auferlegter Beschränkungen verloren. Die Beschränkungen verursachen einen Welligkeitseffekt in der Branche und die Auswirkungen sind erheblich. Davon sind nicht nur Google und Huawei betroffen. Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom und andere könnten ebenfalls darunter leiden.

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  1. This is a obviously a very complicated topic. I tried to cover as much as I could. My hope is that a solution (compromise) can be reached. The way things are going doesn't seem like a productive way forward.

  2. Americans have the best scientists in the world.

  3. No not the end of HUAWEI but of US. Just here to comment not to watch this might be boring and long video.

  4. thats the end point of huawei
    what a shame…

  5. Somehow American control the world too much.. Other countries should take this chance to limit the control from US through supporting China. Other countries could gain the power and the say when they face America. Couldn't let the America getting too strong. As customer, I would like to see more variety of products from other countries. So we don't need to beg US for its technology

  6. Not even nearly the end, USA is a small market for Huawei.

  7. "who's got the backdoors?" You are a little over exciting dude😜 but your analysis is good

  8. The only thing Huawei was at fault is it is a company in China which happens to be Communist

  9. The only thing Huawei was at fault is it is a company in China which happens to be Communist

  10. The only thing Huawei was at fault is it is a company in China which happens to be Communist

  11. Well done Lew, excellent video and a perfect balance and a great mix between an expertise and a laic, everyday approach to wording and communication. It's very easy to comprehend what you are trying to communicate through although it's a pretty complex topic. And I think that you are a pioneer in this stuff. Thank you!

  12. I want to remind all here that iphone is being made in China by Taiwan companies, not Chinese companies. Being as loyal and efficient EMS suppliers for Apple for many years. Taiwan companies can move the production to Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Mexico, or Eastern Europe in less than 3 month. It is happening right now. Huawei smartphone is made by Taiwan companies, too.

  13. They ban huawei because the hacker who hacked NASA, can't hack huawei's security. Huawei 's security is really strong, like how the old antivirus was banned because of the same issue. They thought it is used to spy cause they cant break huawei. Huawei must make an OS better than android, so they'll feel shame. 😩

  14. @unboxtherapy now iam waiting for a video of your telling that @trump got scared of huawei (china) ..i think trump is trying to make china tell apple to leave china but the idiot (trump) doesn't know that china is good making business they wont let apple leave their country ..i hope next election people vote for a good president ..because the economy right now is going down

  15. Yahoo is gonna spring up and take over… some people don’t even know that Yahoo has a search engine

  16. Advice: hire a better researcher for your show

  17. People like you is one of the reasons that America is still respectful at this ugly moment.
    Thanks for sharing your rationality and fairness.

  18. Huawei is run by a bunch of unethical lying thieving crooks. I'm glad they are getting rekt!!! LOL!!!

  19. Huawei's CEO has said that he does not agree to ban Apple in China and Chinese government has reannounced the open and undiscriminating policy for foreign companies including Apple. That is really interesting.

  20. CISCO is confirmed being used by US for spying through its backdoor loopholes

  21. there is no complexity very soon American will see that the whole world got rid of USA, its technology and its equipments and chips. World will create their own independent circle without US influence.

  22. Thanks to bullshit American step the whole world has decided to find their own alternatives and get rid of Google and other American assets in global IT & communication market.

  23. America has been using CISCO for their spying purposes. Keeping their own experience in mind now they think that everyone is using their manufactured tools, gadgets and machines for spying on other countries, people and companies.

  24. 绝对不能让垄断,相互竞争才能进步

  25. I hope the U.S. crushes Chinese companies. Nobody should stand in the way of the U.S.

  26. This guy is an Idiot… Huawei was ready for this…. ( this Schmuck gets all his propaganda from the New York Times.hahahaha)

  27. Hahahha, What a funny title, thanks for the laugh man!!

  28. now even FedEx is stealing Huaweis post package, 4 times in a row to delivery to USA, Huawei is gonna end soon

  29. O that’s terrible .is a Chinese. Company being treated unfair ? I think to remove the ban they should be forced to give up there IP and team up with cricket mobile or any Us or Eu company just like a US or EU company would have to do to access the Chinese market , that would be treating them fairly.

  30. Already sold my huawei phone. Switching to samsung ❤. I will stand with US . Google and android forever 🇺🇸

  31. china will ban huawei too haha

  32. This is the beginning for Huawei, Apple look out! this S(*% happened just when I was about to Buy P30 Pro,

  33. Huawie. Fellas USA lost ….is better smartphone is about 5g new tecnolgy USA every time spy use it prism recolección of data

  34. I got my Huawei P Smart 2019 about a week ago and it's a great phone.
    The fact the USA has so much power that they can just blacklist a company as a whole and force companies to follow is insane as they are basically forcing companies to take massive hit to sales and growth.
    If its huawei's 5G they have a problem with then make it more spacific and go into talks and checks with that section of the company.
    As for them (maybe) having China government backing the USA cannot point any fingers when it comes to that as they do it themselves.

  35. Now Google shows his real face the puppet of US government, double standard, hypocrite

  36. is this the end of tramp

  37. 一穷二白建立起来的新中国,这点小风小雨算什么!

  38. you asked how Huawei got so good at it so fast…… look more closely at that, it will make the whole mess even more troubling. they have NO restrictions on them when it comes to stealing intellectual property, and companies from the west have no recourse. the TPP was supposed to fix that, kind of, but China has a very long track record of actually helping their companies "acquire" or reverse engineer western tech. as for why they are so big, well if your biggest investor and benefactor was the Chinese Government you would be able to run any competition out of business like they did. Cisco and Erickson were the major players in the early days of modern tel comm equipment and networks and there were other players as well but Huawei's ability to always undercut them on price killed off the competition, and now the Chinese have control of our Tel Comm in the west. all boils down to greed in the west do it cheaper, get it cheaper, make or save money for profit over quality.

  39. Trump:Take a look at my art of deal.
    Others: It's your art of extortion.

  40. Just my thought, Since Huawei also had company in USA, can they counter sue back the USA government to be wrongly abuse and wrongly blackmail accuse?? If yes and allow, I strongly suggest that Huawei should do so. Do it by legal way since USA government always say it is free country.

  41. China banned Google in 2010. Google bans Huawei.
    Revenge is sweet.

  42. it takes time for Huawei to recover its phone business, but for 5g Huawei just lost US. market and that's it, which cannot inpact Huawei that much cuz its main business is not smartphone from the beginning.

  43. Waiting for Huawei new OS system. Android system will be died a few years later. Huawei OS support current APP and web. Faster than android

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