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Ist es genug, nur Python zu lernen? | Programmiertipp von Tim Buchalka

Ist es genug, nur Python zu lernen? | Programmiertipp von Tim Buchalka

Nun, da Python in Bereichen wie Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) und Maschinelles Lernen (ML) sehr dominant geworden ist, reicht es bereits aus, nur die Programmiersprache Python zu lernen und die anderen Programmiersprachen wie Java, C # usw. zu ignorieren? Wenn Sie mehr über dieses Thema erfahren möchten, schauen Sie bitte weiter.

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Mein Name ist Tim Buchalka und ich habe eine Reihe von Videos zusammengestellt, die ich als "Programmiertipp des Tages" bezeichne. Grundsätzlich werden in jedem Video einige Fallstricke und Dinge angesprochen, die Sie überwinden müssen, um als Programmierer erfolgreich zu sein, z. B. die Überwindung von Frustration und die Motivation.

In dieser Reihe beantworte ich auch häufig gestellte Fragen zur Auswahl einer zu lernenden Programmiersprache, zu Ihrem beruflichen Werdegang und zu Dingen dieser Art. Nun gibt es noch viele andere Dinge, die ich in diesen Videos behandeln werde, und ich öffne auch die Zeilen, in denen du mir sagst, was ich abdecken soll.

Jetzt bin ich seit über 35 Jahren Programmierer. Ich glaube, ich bin wirklich qualifiziert, viele dieser Fragen zu beantworten. Wenn Sie also eine Frage haben, fügen Sie diese im Kommentarbereich dieses Videos ein, und ich werde mein Bestes tun, um dies in einem zukünftigen Video zu beheben.

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  1. If you're in the data science universe, then Python and R will be your go-to languages along with some knowledge in SQL as well as JavaScript but the latter is for only limited purposes such as web scraping which can also be performed in Python through scrapy and beautiulsoup.

  2. I'm a Database Architect/Designer/Administrator and doing SQL Performance Tuning, I enroll Java from Tim's Training, Python, C++ and C to understand more how to improve the performance of my RDBMS (Oracle and SQL Sever). I would suggest guys to study not only Python but backend like PostgreSQL or MySQL including the SQL and administration. Sometimes they call it Full Stack Developer.

  3. Great video Tim!, could you please make a video related data structures and algorithms, maybe like from (zero to hero) type course? I learn best from you and I wish if you cover that topic in detail, that way will be a better programmer!

  4. Hi Tim, in my opinion, I agree that both Java and Python paths can be taken for an eventual goal of AI or Machine Learning. However, there is a huge difference between your masterclass courses for both of them. Java course is a lot more detailed, a lot more challenges, a lot more quizzes making it more suitable if the goal is further learning. So in a nutshell I'd say if being your student, one has to go Java way to be a better programmer and career. What do you say?

  5. Can you please talk about "Which language is better for web development NodeJs, Python, Java or some other language?"

  6. I'm a student of your java masterclass course on udemy and I seriously request you to add a section on secure coding in java in that course. It will be highly appreciated, considering the importance of security now a days.

  7. In my opinion, it's been great to learn at least one Strict Object Oriented programming language ( i.e. Java, C#, etc.) along with at least one scripting language (i.e. JavaScript, Php, Python, etc.) with solid programming concepts like data structure and algorithms and design patterns.

  8. Please talk about competitive programming, is it worth doing.

  9. Wow there are so many areas! But knowledge of a few languages is key and then the associated areas such as django or app development. Web architecture is also a must .. again we have Linux, Cisco and many others. But certainly programming and web architecture are two core areas. I have a question: where would be a good place to practice actual real world coding examples or to find actual real world working code? Thanks for the video Tim.

  10. I'm doing C and then moving on to C++. After that, I am going to pick up either Python or maybe Java. But I think my limit will be 3 so I can know a lot instead of a little of everything.

  11. The C++ creator, Bjarne Stroustrup once said that one that cannot ever call themselves a professional programmer if they only knew one language. So I agree for sure that it's good to learn multiple languages. Being more diverse in programming languages is especially important in the very competitive job market. In particular in the UK, where I'm based.

    Alongside Java, which is my main language, I'm also learning Python. Both languages are definitely gaining popularity, especially the latter. I'm hoping to also learn C#, C++ and maybe even "R" in the future too. I personally think that knowing 4-5 languages is enough. Although there are some who know quite a few more than that number!

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