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Java vs Java EE: Was sind die Unterschiede?

Java vs Java EE: Was sind die Unterschiede?

Oft werde ich gefragt: "Tim, was ist der Unterschied zwischen Java und JEE?".

Daher werde ich heute die Unterschiede zwischen Java und Java Enterprise Edition erörtern.

Hier finden Sie die Links zu den im Video genannten Kursen.

Java Programming Masterclass für Softwareentwickler:

Java Enterprise Edition 8 für Anfängerkurs:

Java Spring Tutorial Masterclass – Lernen Sie Spring Framework 5:

Mein Name ist Tim Buchalka und ich habe eine Reihe von Videos zusammengestellt, die ich als "Programmiertipp des Tages" bezeichne. Grundsätzlich werden in jedem Video einige Fallstricke und Dinge angesprochen, die Sie überwinden müssen, um als Programmierer erfolgreich zu sein, z. B. die Überwindung von Frustration und die Motivation.

In dieser Reihe beantworte ich auch häufig gestellte Fragen zur Auswahl einer zu lernenden Programmiersprache, zu Ihrem beruflichen Werdegang und zu ähnlichen Themen. Nun gibt es noch viele andere Dinge, die ich in diesen Videos behandeln werde, und ich öffne auch die Zeilen, in denen du mir sagst, was ich abdecken soll.

Jetzt bin ich seit über 35 Jahren Programmierer. Ich glaube, ich bin wirklich qualifiziert, viele dieser Fragen zu beantworten. Wenn Sie also eine Frage haben, fügen Sie diese im Kommentarbereich dieses Videos ein, und ich werde mein Bestes tun, um dies in einem zukünftigen Video zu beheben.

Wenn Sie den nächsten Tipp lesen möchten, klicken Sie auf den folgenden Link, um zur Wiedergabeliste mit allen Programmiertipps zu gelangen:

Wenn Sie bestimmte Programmiervideos codieren möchten, klicken Sie auf den folgenden Link, um zur Wiedergabeliste zum Programmieren von Videos weitergeleitet zu werden:

Ziehen Sie ein Abonnement in Betracht, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche Abonnieren direkt unter dem Video klicken.

Wo Sie mehr über mich erfahren können:

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  1. I think if you made the t-shirts, you would sell a lot!

  2. Thanks for this tim, i actually want to purchase your java ee course but i have a question regarding that course, actually your java ee course is based on java 8 and currently we have java 11 ( 12 as well ) does it make any difference please tell me.

  3. What’s the difference between JDK and JRE?

  4. Thank you for adressing enterprise level frameworks. I already made good use of your discount codes and look forward to look into the courses. I am really enjoying your channel and your courses 🙂

  5. do you prefer to make game with javafx?

  6. Hi Tim,

    I'm your student in Java course on Udemy. First of all thank you so much as a student. You are a great teacher!. I have a question for you. I m interested in develop an ERP software. I have no programming knoledge but I wouldlike to start programming. I started your course for Java beginners. I know it's a big challenge but I would like to do it.
    Could you please suggest to me which of your courses I need to follow and in which order to develop a cloud ERP software?
    Is Java language enough for do a project like this?
    I saw that there is also a course on My SQL database as they are so important for develoap an ERP.
    Thank you so much and hope to receive your answer.

  7. I’m loving this class right now.

  8. I would like to buy a shirt with a logo that moves as it does in the video. It's mind blowing.

  9. Would you do a spring + angular 7 course?

  10. Tim, please consider doing a course on SpringBoot with Kotlin, or otherwise non-Android development with Kotlin.

  11. wear a normal t-shirt
    edit and put a mark on it later
    now that's a lot of genius

  12. Hello Tim, I am just confused about one thing. And i would appreciate if you make a video about it.

    I am curious about artificial intelligence and machine learning. So i want to become an engineer for these. But, i've been busy with learning java, css, html etc. for a few months. I feel that i am close to start earning money with these. I already have a cool and realistic Hotel Management Project which i have built with javaFX. I am thinking about starting to applying jobs because i need to make some cash on these days. But as i said there is machine learning on the other hand.

    Would you suggest me to go all the way down for becoming a software developer? Like learning to write clean code, software engineering principles, design patterns of Java etc. Would these knowledge be beneficial when i make the transition to machine learning? Or would you just advise me to forget about what i've done so far and directly jump in to machine learning without going any deeper? Also, is it possible to make a career in both fields?

    I can't stop thinking about this, so any help would be good. Thank you.

  13. Hi Tim, what is your opinion on programmers getting Java certified? Do you think it will help with getting a job as a Java Developer or is it better to just get really good at Java, and to use those skills to get a job?

  14. Here in Colombia I see a lot of postings for JEE and Struts jobs, and nowhere near as many for Spring. Why could that be?

  15. Thank you sir, you are amazing!

  16. Great vid ! I had problems with this in the past.
    I had a question if you don't mind me asking, is JavaFX still relevant in 2019 or am I better off with some other language/library for GUIs ?

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